The Time Patient Belong to Health Records, Personal Health Record

By | November 2, 2016
Health Records, Personal Health Record

History is important because it has many things that we can learn. We may use it for enlarging our knowledge of certain sciences; maintain records over cases in providing anticipation of any repetition in an effective manner, as well as any required or immediate prevention in response to the same problem. We have history lessons in the school to know about our origin as a human being, learn the dynamic of social and cultural changes over civilization from where may influence our current behaviour. History made by the records, that’s why making record is very important. It applies to health records in medical science too, particularly a personal health record. Health records or personal health record is crucial in every endeavour to humanity in order to cure certain illness effectively, or in other word to make it less severe or wouldn’t end to cause death.

The advances of medical science nevertheless are based on bunches of records made from medical cases for years. Thousands of experiments and researches made, had brought a lot of very useful information to help medical learned and getting the best treatment for some illness. However, since to cure it, may subject to a longer treatment process, potential conflicting medication or the patient have certain allergies, it is important that everyone belongs to health records them self.

Health Records, Personal Health Record

Health Records, Personal Health Record (Image: Pixabay)

When we are sick or to make a health check-up, the doctors or clinicians would have made notes of treatment being made to us, the patients since it is mandated legally. The data were stored in each hospital or clinics by their billing data using a software system called Electronic Health Record or EHR. Usually this is in relation to the indemnity claim. To own the health data personally, the current invented Personal Health Record or PHR has enriched the term more added values in providing informative communication between patients and clinicians over treatment of certain illness or care. The data in Personal Health Record are maintained by the patients, it can either enter the data directly or can be tethered from the EHR. The personal health records include patient-reported outcome, laboratory test result and the current format provide services such as drug interaction checking, electronic messaging, managing appointment and reminder.

As has been the personal health log and computerized, the patient may keep their data in their personal computer or devices such as smartphones. There is a case when a lady was required for a care from clinicians and was forgotten what medication she took the last time, but since she owned a PHR it would not any more matter. As she gave the access to her PHR for the clinicians, the treatment she needed is a few clicks away. The PHR is proven to be helpful for the clinicians and doctors to give the right treatment and care for the patient because it saves time consumed such as face to face meeting a telephone call. Besides, what used of advances in information technologies if it is not making life easier such as taking care of every one health record, the personal health record? Such solution you may find also with the web-based health record or personal health record, using a Window Live ID or Facebook authorization account to store individual’s health information as an app. ‘HealthVault’ and ‘Patient Like Me’ is worth to check on.

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