12 Side Effects Of Drinking Too Much Ginger Tea

By | August 10, 2020
Too Much Ginger Tea

Ginger tea turns out to have a number of side effects, especially when the drink is consumed excessively. What are the side effects of drinking too much ginger tea? Here’s the information.

Side Effects Of Drinking Too Much Ginger Tea

Can Too Much Ginger Tea Cause Diarrhea?

Benefits of ginger tea as a mild laxative, and in small doses can help overcome constipation. However, consuming too much ginger tea can accelerate the digestion more than expected, which is causing diarrhea.

The way to avoid this side effect is to drink ginger tea with other foods that can soothe the stomach at the same time. Like eating cakes with tea is the right way.

Gastrointestinal problems

Drinking ginger tea on an empty stomach can cause digestive problems. Even when drinking excess ginger tea can worsen the problem.


Drinking ginger tea in small quantities helps the digestion, but when consuming it overconsumption causes heartburn.


Although mild, ginger tea can cause certain gastrointestinal side effects. As in the upper digestive system, which leads to gas buildup. Replacing ginger with supplements can be one solution, and consult a doctor before consuming ginger.

Blood pressure

Research has found that the benefits of tea and ginger can lower blood pressure. If you have high blood pressure, ginger tea is good for consumption. However, for those who have normal blood pressure, ginger tea can make you feel dizzy and weak.

In addition, if you have problems with blood clotting and excess bleeding, ginger can worsen its condition.

Most people are unaware of these symptoms, even when consuming a large amount of ginger tea. Only those with blood pressure and blood clotting problems can be risky.

Heart condition Problems

Ginger with a high dose proved to worsen heart conditions. People who use blood pressure medications may experience an unexpected decrease in blood pressure. This can also cause heart rate problems.

In addition, Ginger may also interfere with antihypertensive therapy, which can ultimately worsen the condition of the heart.


When Ginger is consumed in the right amount, it can help your health. But when consumed in excess amount causes excess acid production in the body. This will cause acidity.


Side Effects Of Drinking Too Much Ginger Tea

Ginger is known to reduce blood sugar levels, so diabetics need to avoid consuming excessive ginger. This can lead to hypoglycemia.

Sleep deprivation

Drinking ginger tea before bedtime should be avoided as it makes you sleeplessness.

Is Too Much Ginger Tea bad during pregnancy?

Drinking ginger tea more than half a cup can be harmful for pregnant women. Excessive consumption of ginger can lead to contraction and affect pregnancy.

Fresh or dried ginger is actually safe to be consumed by pregnant women. However, of course the amount is not excessive.

So far, the various studies do not find any direct connection between consuming ginger during pregnancy with the risk of premature birth, miscarriage, baby birth with low body weight, or other complications.

On the other hand, pregnant women should avoid the consumption of ginger-containing medicines as the active ingredient. Because, excessive consumption of ginger can cause side effects.

Inhibits hair growth

This side effects newly discovered while researching the effects of ginger deeper. A scientific study in China, about the effects of gingerol on hair growth found that the content in ginger inhibits hair growth.

If you’re growing long hair or experiencing baldness, you may need to avoid consuming a lot of ginger tea.

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Causing bleeding

Eating ginger is not recommended when you bleed. Some experts believe that ginger can cause bleeding due to its antiplatelet properties (blood thinners).

Meanwhile, if consumed concurrently with other herbs such as clove, garlic, and ginseng, this may increase the risk of excessive bleeding.

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