Top 10 Health Conditions In Cats And Dogs; How You Can Help

By | April 13, 2018
health problems for cats and dogs

Top Interviewed Health Problems for Dogs and Felines*

Top Ten health problems in dogs ear infection, skin allergy, skin infection/locations, vomitting, diarrhea, bladder infection, joint disease, soft-tissue trauma, noncancerous tumor, eye infection.

Top Ten health problems in felines – lower urinary system problems, vomiting, chronic kidney failure, hyperthyroidism, diabetes, diarrhea, skin allergy, dental disease, ear infection, eye infection.

Have you ever heard of Spirulina?

health problems for cats and dogs

health problems for cats and dogs

Spirulina is really a micro-algae which consists of probably the most amazing power of nutrition known in almost any food. Its is actually a functional food, as it can certainly provide diet and special functions that actually work to boost health.

Fact : Researchers all over the world in Japan, China, India, Europe, Russia and also the USA are finding why and how spirulina is really effective for animal (and human) health.

Fact : In 1994, a Russian Patent was granted for spirulina like a medical food to lessen allergic responses from radiation sickness within the kids of Chernobyl.

This incredible food has unique nutrients phycocyanin, polysaccharides and sulfolipids, which all boost the defense mechanisms. Spirulina can also be wealthy in natural carotenoid anti-oxidants, which promote cellular health insurance and are recognized to prevent cancer.

Spirulina is really a high protein food, with more than 60% all digestible vegetable protein, that contains three occasions the protein worth of beef, but with no saturated fats and cholesterol just as much e vitamin as wheat germ and 100 occasions more beta carotene than celery. Additionally, it consists of the greatest power of b12, iron and minerals, along with the fatty acid GLA (gamma-linolenic acidity).

Just How Can Spirulina Help My Pet?

You will find 100s of released research around the globe revealing that by feeding spirulina to rodents, hamsters, chickens, turkeys, felines, seafood and humans, confirmed by using its nutrients, spirulina enhances defense mechanisms function.

Low defense mechanisms function is the main cause of numerous illness conditions in creatures and humans, so by supporting your pets defense mechanisms with spirulina, you can assist to avoid illness conditions and costly vet bills!

Key Advantages of Giving Your Dog Spirulina

Good immune function in dogs and felines can result in higher quality skin and lustrous coat.

Pets with fleas and subsequent itchiness skin are assisted considerably with spirulina, because it helps the defense mechanisms to create the allergic skin reaction in check.

Appetites of picky felines happen to be recognized to lift having a spread on their own food.

Proprietors report spirulina given pets possess a fresher breath.

Older creatures may restore versatility.

A fantastic option for dogs and felines that they like to consume grass.

Using spirulina is fantastic for detoxing after antibiotic treatment.

Spirulina encourages overall a healthy body benefits for that pets which are regularly given by using it.

Just How Much Spirulina Will I Give My Family pet?

Spirulina is of course in an exceedingly concentrated form, so just a little goes a lengthy way.

For dogs how big a Retriever size only need 1 2 teaspoons of Spirulina each day with food.

More compact breeds require a lesser quantity.

For felines an 1/8 of the teaspoon each day is sufficient.

You will find some organic pet meals available too that contains spirulina

Finally, if you’re thinking, if spirulina is the fact that great for my pet could it be great for me too?


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