Top-to-toe Beauty Treatments for A Bride

By | February 27, 2019
Beauty treatments

Beauty treatments now come for various targets including a bride. As a bride, a woman always wants to be the most beautiful among others. She wants to be as perfect as a queen in a palace; therefore, mostly women take some pre-wedding beauty treatments including skin, hair and makeup trials in prior. In fact, in some country traditions, a bride should eat nutrient-rich foods and stay at home for a few days before the wedding day. The bride-to-be does the treatments at home and keeps herself healthy and fit. In this article, the beauty treatments discussed are about the hair, teeth and skin.

1. Hair extension and hair glossing

A bride normally comes with hair bun for the wedding party. To have this, you can use hair extension which you can pull up and back without a bunch of braids and clips. Besides, you can choose the transparent tape so no one can see it. Or you can discuss with your hairstylist for extension options, whether you want to use sew-in, clip-on, glue, or tape. The options deal with the budget and the hair type, so make sure you are careful in choosing.
The beauty treatments for doing hair extension are:

  • You do it two weeks before the wedding
  • It is applied as close as possible to the root because after two weeks your hair might grow as well as the tape. If you have this case, you can reapply the tape closer to the scalp.
  • It lasts for four months so you have to use sulfate-free hair products and stay away from using pomades, alcohol products or heavy oils.

Another hair beauty treatment for a bride is hair glossing which is also familiar among brides. It helps you to have shiny, fresh and healthy hair. You need to do this 4-6 weeks before the wedding.
Overall, you need to do trimming and conditioning regularly because split ends are really harmful in your wedding party.

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2. Teeth

The second beauty treatment is for teeth. Most brides will do teeth whitening before the party because they want to have the stunning smile. Of course, you will smile a lot in your wedding, aren’t you? But be aware of the whitening products because they work differently on different people teeth. It depends on your level of whiteness you will achieve and the level of whiteness is also different for each person due to the molecular structure of the tooth. To do the whitening, you need to consult the dentist for the most appropriate method and budget.

The beauty treatments for your teeth that you should optimize before the wedding are teeth brushing and flossing. Brush your teeth at least twice a day for a couple of minutes using an electronic toothbrush or a soft bristle. Then, floss your teeth once a day including the back teeth.

Beauty treatments

Beauty treatments (Image: Pixabay)

3. Skin

Some beauty treatments for a bride skin are:

  • Laser hair removal.
    It is good for brides with darker hair on a lighter skin. Do it at least six months before the wedding.
  • SPF treatment
    Apply SPF every day, even when it is cloudy. It makes you brighter and flawless.
  • Dermatologist.
    You will need dermatologist if your skin is sensitive to certain cosmetic substance. A dermatologist will set a plan for all cosmetic enhancement or corrective treatments.

Keep it mind to avoid facial because it can produce scars after extractions.
Well, Brides! Have a good time with those beauty treatments! At the end, you are the queen of your party.

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