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By | February 4, 2018
Things you should do while pregnant

It’s no secret when pregnant women are required to consume the intake of nutritious foods, exercising, or avoid smo**king.
However, there are five unexpected things you should do while pregnant.

Unexpected things you should do while pregnant

  • Sleep on your side.

When the stomach begins to grow, precisely after the pregnancy aged over five months, You will experience discomfort while sleeping. Discomfort can occur when You sleep on your back. The sleeping position might be able to make it difficult to breathe and trigger the emergence of stomach problems. Sleeping position on the back can also put extra pressure on aortic vessels and large underlying vessels. This can slow down the blood circulation to the body and also a baby. Blood pressure may also be decreased, accompanied by dizziness, or nausea. So, You are advised to start getting used to sleep on the side of the body from the beginning of pregnancy, though the size of the stomach is not yet grown up. If you are already accustomed to sleeping on your back and do not like to sleep sideways, you can slip the pillow behind your body. Read more Which sleeping position is better: On the Left side or Right side?.

  • Do not eat “for two people”.
Things you should do while pregnant

Things you should do while pregnant

Even if you are in “two bodies”, You don’t need to eat any kind of food into two servings. This can make you experience abnormal weight gain. Added excessive weight can also make you more likely to have babies with large size. These conditions can complicate the process of childbirth and could end up with a caesarean section. If You start pregnancy with a healthy body weight, you need 300 extra calories each day from the normal calorie needs.
The intake could already be the fuel to make your body healthier, as well as supporting the growth of the baby in the womb. Read about Healthy Diet During Pregnancy To Make Your Baby Smart And Healthy.

  • Keep your dental hygiene.

Dental hygiene is very important when you are pregnant, because of hormone changes can make you more vulnerable to experiencing gum disease. Some pregnant women become more sensitive to bacteria found in plaque. This can trigger gingivitis, gum conditions which experienced swelling, bleeding, and pain. The untreated gingivitis can trigger more severe gum disease and even extractions of teeth. The bacteria can also spread to the blood flow. So, while pregnant, it is recommended to brush your teeth with a paste containing fluoride at morning and night. In between that time, you can clean the teeth using dental floss. Replace toothbrushes every 3-4 months or more often if your toothbrush bristles have worn out. If you feel there is a problem with the teeth, immediately consult a dentist. Read also Know how Dental products can help a woman in her pregnancy.

  • Beware of cat shit.

If You keep the cat, are advised to be wary of cat shits. The reason, the cat feces can spread the parasite infection called toxoplasmosis. If contracted the condition while pregnant, the baby can suffer blindness, mental or motor disorders, or even died in the womb. So while you are pregnant, it is recommended not to take care of the cat shits. Enlist the help of someone to clean the litter box. Or, if you want to clean it up safely, you can wear gloves and wash your hands with soap to clean afterwards. It is recommended to clean the litter box every day. You also have to be careful when you’re gardening, or hold the soil or sand, because the cat could have dumped it there. So, always wear gloves and wash hands thoroughly afterwards. Keep also your cat from the dining area and kitchen.

  • Don’t underestimate vaccines.

Pregnancy can make you vulnerable to flu complications such as pneumonia. This could make your condition becomes seriously ill. The bad news, You risk giving birth to premature babies also increased. So, as a precaution, you are advised to perform a flu vaccine, especially in the early flu season. Quiet, this vaccine is safe for pregnant women. Well, when entering the middle of pregnancy, You are advised to get a Tdap vaccine (tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis).
This vaccine will protect you and “your baby” before she could receive her own vaccine. Come on, keep your health during pregnancy. Initially, you may underestimate it, but it can be fatal if you ignore it.

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