Unique Keto Options at Famous Restaurant Chains

By | October 6, 2018
Unique Keto Options

One thing people on the keto diet complain about is eating the same thing over and over. For instance there are many days where these people wake up and eat bacon and eggs for breakfast, then follow that with a salad for lunch and chicken wings for dinner. These things get old and it’s important to show some creativity and diversify the things you eat on a daily basis. In this article we are going to go over some creative dining options for people who lack creativity.

Keto is something that requires some creativity. Eating the same thing every day is like ramming your head into the wall over and over. Follow our lead and get some variety in your life.

Jimmy John’s Unwich

Jimmy John’s has awesome sandwiches. Most people don’t think of a place like this when they are looking for a low carb option. One part of this is probably because JJ’s has awesome bread. It is very fresh and baked in the store, so it’s understandable why people don’t think of this place for a low carb option.

That said, overlooking Jimmy John’s for keto is a big mistake. There is this thing called a Jimmy John’s Unwich. The Unwich is simply a Jimmy John’s sub with the bread taken away and wrapped in lettuce. It is a great option for someone on the keto diet.

The biggest sandwich at Jimmy John’s is the Gargantuan. A Gargantuan Unwich will fill up even the biggest of eaters. If you are feeling bold then add bacon and add guacamole to it and you will be guaranteed to be full.

Five Guys Bunless Burger

When most people think of Five Guys Burgers and Fries, they do not think of it as being a good option for low carb food. Why would they? Burgers (with bun) and french fries are loaded with carbs.

By making a few modifications, you can turn Five Guys into an awesome low carb option. Simply pass on the bun on the burger and the fries. I know that can be a very difficult thing for many to do, but the burger minus the bun is still awesome. You have free reign on toppings once you say goodbye to the bun. Load the burger with bacon, mushrooms, onion and whatever else you want. One thing to be cautious of is ketchup as it is loaded with carbs, but it is alright in moderations.

Taco Bell Power Bowl

When someone thinks of Taco Bell, they think of tacos, burritos, nachos and the like. These are all not keto friendly. Not even a little bit. So in order to find low carb options at Taco Bell, one needs to dig a little deeper.

There is an item at Taco Bell called the Power Bowl. These bowls usually come with rice, beans, lettuce, your meat of choice and all of the fixings on the menu. Obviously if someone is going to eat low carb, they cannot have rice or beans. So you make that modification. Just make sure to clarify no rice and beans. You can then add double meat and double guacamole to help fill up. If you don’t like guacamole, then good luck on the keto diet. These are a very affordable option, so the extra expense of the extra toppings is not too bad.

Don’t sleep on fast food

Many people assume that fast food is not an option on fast food. If you simply order burgers (with bun) and fries, that’s true. But if you know the keto rules and explore the menu, there are definitely some keto options out there.

What kind of options are there to eat at a fast food restaurant that are low carb? Well, you may not have realized it, but many fast food restaurants do have salads. Sure, they will not be the best salads you’ve ever had, but they will fill you up enough to get to your next meal.With the app it allows the customer to see the entire menu. There may be an item you were not aware of until you looked over the enter menu after downloading the app. You might even find a go to item that you eat regularly thanks to downloading the app.

Not sure where to begin? We have you covered:

Keto fast food guide

This guide has most of the national fast food chains covered. You can find some good suggestions for keto options when you are getting off the highway and all you see is fast food.

With a little creativity there is always a low carb option there that you can grab. Get creative and get you an original keto option for dinner when you are on the go. There is always a keto option out there, it’s your job to find it.

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