Waking up tired after 8 hours of sleep

By | February 12, 2018
Waking up tired after 8 hours of sleep

We recommended to sleep the night for eight hours. But if you still waking up tired after 8 hours of sleep, means there is to note about health problems. Read also: Sleeping habits that make you feeling tired in the morning after sleep. There are several factors that can lead to a person’s quality of sleep is not good. What is the cause? Try asking these nine questions to yourself, if most of the answers are yes, then it needs to be addressed.

Waking up tired after 8 hours of sleep

  • Do You Frequent Nightmares?

The dream is believed to be able to help the processing of our emotions. If we are feeling emotions such as fear, anger, or sadness, we are potentially a nightmare. A bad dream can cause us a lack of sleep and produce stress hormones while asleep. As a result, we do not feel refreshed when waking up. To reduce nightmares we must issue the emotions in the body. Must also change our thinking habits that typically create fear, anger, and sadlness appear.

  • Do You Snore?

Usually people do not realize him sleep snore, until someone told him. Snoring may indicate a person is suffering from health problems such as hypertension or heart disease. Read more about 10 Bad habits for your heart. If you snore only occasionally, it could happen just because of fatigue. But if the habit of snoring occurs every day, you should check your health to the doctor.

  • Do You Have Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is a disorder in the respiratory tract that occur during sleep, where the airways are blocked because the walls of the throat that loosens and narrows. Do you often wake up night because of running out of air? You should consult a doctor immediately because of this disorder can make your sleep quality worse.

  • Often to the toilet at night

Most people don’t need to the toilet during nighttime if they had stopped drinking fluids a few hours before bedtime. But if people are nervous or are in an emotional phase, it can cause them more often to the toilet. Most people do not realize that this is what causes them to frequent the toilet. This is a very disturbing quality of sleep, but it can be changed. Therefore, we need to overcome our anxiety.

  • When Did You Last Eat Before Bed?
Waking up tired after 8 hours of sleep

Waking up tired after 8 hours of sleep

While sleeping we activate the parasympathetic system. The system responsible for digestive function, so if we eat at the near bedtime, the system will focus on digesting food instead of creating elements that can make sleep quality by rejuvenating and regenerating our body and mind. Eating heavy foods are hard to digest before bedtime will worsen the quality of our sleep later. We recommend that if you want to eat is recommended two hours before bedtime.

  • Do you drink Alco**holic beverages?

Alco**hol change the structure of sleep and make the body uncomfortable the next day. This can also cause us to fall asleep snoring.

  • Are You Easy To Fall Asleep?

Are you easy to fall asleep, but quickly wake up too? Then may be you are having sleeping problem. If we do not get enough sleep, the body can not “heal” itself. To be able to sleep well, someone will take approximately 10-15 minutes until finally sleep soundly. It can be trained by reducing your stress level through meditation or relaxation. Good night’s sleep is a time that fit the human growth hormone release that can keep our appearance to look young.

  • Are You Undergoing Treatment?

Some types of medications have side effects that make us difficult to sleep. Any sedative even potentially make someone sleep difficulties. Most sleep medications only make our sleep artificial, or temporary. We don’t get any real sleep. It doesn’t hurt to sacrifice time and effort to train the body to get quality sleep again.

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