Want to look Younger? Avoid these 9 foods and drinks

By | March 18, 2020
Want to look younger

Want to Look Younger? Everyone shall consume any nutritious food for their health. But if you are over 40 years old should choose nutritious food that’s good for the body. It is useful to combat common diseases that often attack, including heart disease and osteoporosis.

Healthy food also makes you more energetic and look younger. Therefore, prepare yourself avoiding certain foods below. Try to replace them with other more nutritious foods.

Want to look Younger? Avoid these 9 foods and drinks

Here are foods and drinks to avoid if You want to look younger:

Refined carbohydrates

Say goodbye to processed carbohydrates or at least reduce these foods to maintain a healthy body. One of refined carbohydrates is white rice. Refined carbohydrates quickly digested by the body, so they make the blood sugar spike be fast, so that makes you hungry and tired. Try to replace with eating whole wheat, such as white or brown bread containing 100 percent wheat.

Fatty milk

Saturated fat can raise blood cholesterol levels are dangerous, causing heart disease, and chronic inflammation that triggers the aging of cells. In addition, fatty milk also contains sugar that can make the body fat. Replace it with nonfat milk or sugar-free yogurt.

Diet soda

Diet sodas are highly acidic, which means drinking soda all day can erode tooth enamel and increase the risk of cavities. Because of its nature, you will get more yellow teeth and disrupt the balance of natural calcium. Try replacing them with sparkling water, you will remain satisfied without acidity and will not damage your teeth or bones.

Soup with full Sodium

One of the nutrients that you should avoid after age 40 is sodium. Because salt can disrupt the balance of calcium, removing calcium from bone tissue, thus enables high risk of osteoporosis. Try to replace it with homemade soup are made from ingredients that are healthy and without sodium to keep the intake of salt in your body are low.


Trans fat in margarine can increase your cholesterol levels more than saturated fat. In addition, it can significantly increase the risk of developing heart disease and cancer. Try replacing them with coconut butter that is usually available at health food stores, or use coconut oil for cooking.

Processed Meat

Time to get rid of meat such as sausage, pepperoni, bacon and turkey bacon, because these meats contain amounts of sodium. They also have high saturated fat, even contain trans fats. Try replacing them with chicken, tuna and salmon contains high quality protein without the harmful sodium and trans fat.

Grill roasted meat

Eating grilled meats with high maturity tastes delicious. However, this is a threat to our health and skin conditions.

Grilled meat until scorched contains pro-inflammatory hydrocarbons.

These substances can cause inflammation that can damage the skin’s collagen.

So, avoid consuming the scorched parts of the grilled meat that we consume.


This very tasty candy turns out to trigger aging on the skin. The sugar content of this food is capable of disturbing collagen and elastin production.

These two substances are proteins that keep the skin looking fresh and youthful.

The disruption of this protein productivity can have a negative effect, and sugar is the most harmful substance to this protein productivity.

When the body digs sugar, this substance will leave the remnants known as the end product of further glycation or AGEs.

According to Ana Reisdoorf, a certified dietitian, over time, these AGEs will build up and stick to collagen, which can cause wrinkles or sagging skin.


Consuming alco**hol before bed greatly affects our appearance the next day. However, the effect of alco**hol on the liver is more dangerous.

When the liver is functioning properly, toxins that potentially affect the skin are secreted naturally through the body.

However, toxins are formed in the liver, certainly cannot be decomposed and affect our skin resulting in various problems such as acne, pale skin tone, and wrinkles.

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