What Acne Says About Your Health?

By | June 4, 2019
What Acne Says About Your Health

What Acne Says About Your Health? Acne is one of the skin problems that is not only annoying. Furthermore, acne can also make us feel less confident and inferior. But do you know, apparently the existence of acne on the face can show your health. When acne appears on the face, it can guess your health and the cause of the onset of the acne.

Based on traditional Chinese medicine the existence of acne on face will show health problems in our body. 

Facial mapping or “face reading” combines old techniques from Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine as well as new dermatological techniques to explain the causes of underlying acne. In China it is called “Mien Shaing” which translates to “reading face”. Because some areas of our face and body have no correlation of medical evidence to demonstrate the relationship with the acne and Chinese face mapping, some of the information from this mapping has been abandoned.

If we experience internal problems within our organs, they often appear as swelling in the form of skin problems in our face and body. This inflammation can be acne, dry skin, discoloration, and a variety of different rashes. Facial mapping for acne can be beneficial for both men and women.

What Acne Says About Your Health?

What Acne Says About Your Health? Here is the explanation.

Acne on forehead.

Acne located on the forehead is associated with the health of the bladder and small intestine. If there is acne on the forehead, it means there is an imbalance or problem of the bladder also small intestine. The cause of acne on the forehead itself is usually caused by we eat foods that are difficult to digest.

Not only that, acne on the forehead is also caused by the bad habits of consuming alco**holic beverages, sugar, too many staying up late and stressed. To overcome it yourself, we only need to drink a lot of water, avoid fatty foods, eat vegetables and fruit, avoid alco**hol or other unhealthy drinks and have adequate rest.

Acne between the eyebrows.

Acne between the eyebrows associated with liver health and allergic reactions to certain foods.

Acne in this position signifies the work of the liver that is too excessive to remove toxins in the body. This is due to excessive consumption of alco**holic beverages, oily food and milk based. It can also be due to allergies to certain foods.

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Pimples around the eyes and in the ears.

Acne Says About Your Health

Acne around the eyes and in the ears says about your kidneys experience dehydration.

The skin around the eyes is connected with the kidneys. It is here that you have a disturbance to this organ. The cause can be due to dehydration due to lack of drinking water, smo**king, coffee consumption, soft drinks, food or a sweet drink, and excessive consumption or less quality of salt. Similarly, acne around the ears are also closely related to kidney problems.

Acne on the Jaw and chin.

The acne that appears on the jaw and chin area are almost always caused by hormones, where androgen levels are increased as well as when women are menstruating periods.

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Acne on the Face edges.

Unbalanced hormonal problems can also lead to the appearance of acne along the hairline and near the ears.

Other causes are blocked pores or irritation due to the use of wrong makeup or shampoos.

Spots on the cheeks.

There may be several reasons for this. The problem of spots on the cheeks can also be a simple cause such as allergic reactions to cosmetics or dirty bed sheets. Or it can also show some problems with the lungs. This area is said to be associated with the lungs and spots on the cheeks can be a result of respiratory distress. A study also briefly reveals that smo**kers, asthma sufferers and allergy sufferers are prone to acne on their cheeks.

To solve this problem, avoid excessive use of cosmetics. And if the spots on the cheeks do not improve for a long time, consult a doctor.

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