What happens if you drink bleach

By | January 31, 2019
What happens if you drink bleach

What happens if you drink bleach – Bleach is the chemicals used to clean up a variety of things such as clothes or tableware. This material is classified as dangerous if taken by humans and is toxic.

Bleach is known as an excellent potent agent used in the cleanup. Although the majority of people are quite good at to focus on label warnings and stay away from drink it, sometimes people are still speculating about what would happen if they drink bleach.

What happens if you drink bleach?

To the harsh chemicals need to know first what kind. Sodium hypochlorite is used to remove stains and sanitation because it is basically a oxidizing agent. Every time you swallow bleach or inhale the vapors, it really oxygenates your tissues. It is known that light exposure from inhalation can cause stinging eyes, coughing, and throat burned.

Side effects of Drinking Bleach

  1. Sore throat: someone who has swallowed bleach will feel a burning sensation in the throat. Note that a sore throat got worse as time went on.
  2. Nausea: feeling of nausea can also be perceived, after unknowingly drinking bleach. These are symptoms that occur before vomiting.
  3. Respiratory problems: Drink it can even interfere with the ability of people to breathe normally. This can make it difficult to breathe and it basically is a serious problem and need instant medical care.
  4. Low blood pressure:
    Side effects of Drinking Bleach - What happens if you drink bleach
    Drank without realizing it may cause negative effects on blood pressure. A decrease in blood pressure may be felt after swallowing bleach.
  5. Diarrhea: drink the bleach can cause diarrhea, which means the person is stockpiling dung watery and usually perceived repeat visits to the toilet.
  6. The Slurred Speech: Drinking bleach can also be bad on the tongue. The inability of the to speak clearly is an additional side effect of whitening poisoning.

How much Bleach can be drunk?

In accordance with the U.S. EPA, consuming water must not contain more than 4 ppm (parts per million) chlorine. It was found that the recommended dilution varies (from the Centers for Disease Control) is the bleach 8 drops per gallon of clean water and ranged up to 16 drops per gallon of gloomy water.

Handling if drinking bleach

If you accidentally drink the bleach, you should immediately to the nearest emergency room to clean up Your stomach. However, while you should not spew the toxins. If there is poison in the mouth, you can spit it out, but instead of spewing.

If you drank the poison that is corrosive or destructive, it can trigger the onset of bleeding in the stomach. Depending on how much of the toxins are taken, you can determine what will happen to you. If poisons are taken in large quantities, then this will be a serious problem until the cause of death.

Handling that you can do after drinking poison is by drinking milk. Do not drink charcoal, because on certain chemicals, it can worsen the atmosphere.

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