What Is Sharepoint Health Analyzer

By | October 29, 2017
Sharepoint Health Analyzer

Wish to rapidly find and connect potential issues across all the servers in your farm? Then remember to have a look at SharePoint Health Analyzer. The SharePoint Health Analyzer is really a feature in SharePoint Server 2010 and SharePoint Foundation 2010 that enables managers to schedule regular, automatic inspections for potential configuration, performance, and usage problems within the server farm. Any errors that SharePoint Health Analyzer finds are recognized in status reviews which are distributed around farm managers in Central Administration. Status reviews which are created by SharePoint Health Analyzer explain each problem, list the servers in which the problem is available, and describes the steps that the administrator may take to deal with the issue. In some instances, errors are fixed instantly the moment they’re found, and farm managers are informed of the repairs.

The analyzer in SharePoint Server 2010 includes a swath of rule definitions it monitors. It boosts an alert if your performance indicator surpasses the boundaries set through the rules.

1. Title: It appears that Microsoft provides helpful and informative names for that default rule.

2. Scope: This area has two options: All Servers and then any Server. This really is helpful inside a farm atmosphere. It enables you to decide on when the rule must be operated on every SharePoint server inside a farm, or on only one server. You’ll most likely wish to run computer-specific rules on all servers, but simply run SharePoint-specific rules on any server (to lessen performance impact).

3. Schedule: Each rule could be scheduled to complete hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or OnDemandOnly (manual).

4. Enabled: This checkbox enables you to definitely temporarily disable a guide without removing its definition. I wouldn’t remove any existing rules just disable them rather.

5. Repair Instantly: You are able to request SharePoint to instantly attempt to repair a mistake.

6. Version: It appears that you could version your rules. This area is really a textbox within the Beta release.

The SharePoint Central Administration webpage alerts you whenever a rule has been breached.

Health Reviews

Sharepoint Health Analyzer

SharePoint Health Analyzer

Whenever a health rule executes, SharePoint Health Analyzer produces a standing report and adds it towards the Health Analyzer Review’s list within the Monitoring portion of Central Administration. The default look at their list shows only products which have unsuccessful the newest health check. You are able to evaluate the aged reviews by clicking Review problems and solutions under Health Analyzer within the Monitoring portion of Central Administration.

You have access to the Reviews list programmatically with the static Local property of the SPHealthReportsList class, a subclass of SPList. Once you have a clear case of the SPHealthReportsList class, you are able to query their email list while you would any SPList object.

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