What to do when someone dies?

By | February 5, 2019
What to do when someone dies

What to do when someone dies? – Death is the certainty that can not be negotiated, though we hope that death comes at a time when we don’t want it to be, because death is the secret of God if it has come could not be postponed nor can it be brought forward despite the momentary.

Every soul will feel death, not spared who he is, Officer, ordinary people, the Superintendent and others. It is asserted by God in His word:

Every soul will taste death,” (QS. Ali Imran [3: 185])

In another Word is defined:

No nation will precede its term, nor will they remain thereafter. ” QS al-Hijr [15: 5]

What to do when someone dies?

Closing the eyes of the corpse.

The ulama ‘agreed on the sunnah that they closed the two eyes of the corpse.

Considerations behind the hearse is so that it doesn’t look bad because his views, if allowed to remain open.

Praying for good.

The Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam witchcraft after closing the eyes of Abu Salamah prayed:

“Ya Allah. forgive Abu Salamah, take up rank in the midst of people who get referrals and replace the existing descendants thereafter and forgive us and him, o Lord of the Worlds and spread his tomb”

Relaxe his joint.

Relaxes his joints and return it to the place of each. Loosen the lower arm by bending and sticking it to the upper arm. Similarly with both legs.

Binding on his chin.

The evidence on this issue is proposition a Saheeh hadeeth, that contained a very clear benefit for bodies, i.e. so that his mouth is not open so it doesn’t enter the insects and so as not to cause bad view of his face when viewed by others.

Shaykh Ibn ‘ Uthaymeen said: “to my knowledge there is no evidence reports in this issue but there is only evidence of reason: so that his mouth is not open so it doesn’t enter the insects and so as not to cause a bad view of the face when seen by others “.

As for the procedure is to tie it with the fabric width and length covering all of his chin and tied with the top of his head so that his mouth does not open.

Cover the whole body of the corpse with a cloth.

It was narrated from ‘ Aisha, she said; “When a Prophet died, he covered with striped cloth.”

Summarized from Hadith Muslim Juz 2: 917, 570, Abu Dawud: 3100, 571 Muslim Juz 2: 920, 572, Muslim Juz 2: 942.

Put something heavy on top of his stomach

Put something heavy on top of his stomach so as not swell so no unsightly, as it is desirable to cover all the bodies using the thin fabric.

Tell friends and relatives of the deceased.

Relatives and closest friends of the deceased should be contacted as soon as someone dies. After that, you can handle the funeral preparations, said Shaw. Write and deploy an obituary of someone’s death can be a catharsis of its own at once tiresome job, clearly Scott Smith, author of When Someone Dies: The Practical Guide to the Logistics of Death. However, the obituary is not required and we do not have to spend money to pay for the services of installation of an obituary in the newspaper.

Arrange The Funeral.

What to do when someone dies - Funeral

In the morgue, you can decide whether the corpse was cremated or buried, of course, must be adjusted with the belief that embraced by the deceasedor the message before leaving. The important thing is you should know his rights in this situation, Smith said. For example, the morgue attendant could have been trying to sell the pots of corpse ash, although in fact you do not need it. “The majority of perpetrators of the funeral industry very high regard ethics, but nonetheless there are rogue players out there,” said Smith. “They just want to make a profit.”

Other things What to do when someone dies are:

  1. Check their pets are looked after.
  2. Tell the family doctor.
  3. Get a burial permit.
  4. Getting a medical certificate.
  5. Notifying other people and organisations.
  6. Manage his estate & probate.
  7. Financial Organisations.
  8. Dealing with their tax and benefits.

Thank you very much for reading What to do when someone dies?, hopefully useful.

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