Whether to Exercise on a Trampoline during Pregnancy or Not

By | December 7, 2017
Trampoline during Pregnancy

It is healthy for pregnant women to exercise as it keeps them from putting on extra weight and helps them with their labor as well. We all know how pregnancy leads to frequent mood swings, backache and insomnia. All these problems are solved if you keep exercising as a part of your routine.

Most of the pregnant ladies back out when it comes to exercising on a trampoline since it sounds dangerous. However, the truth is that it is pretty healthy and safe unless your doctor prohibits you. All pregnancies are not the same and therefore, taking your doctor’s advice on this is necessary.

 Exercise as a Part of Your Routine

Trampoline during Pregnancy

Trampoline during Pregnancy

If you had been working out before you got pregnant, exercising on a trampoline during pregnancy might be safer for you since you are already physically fit and active. However, if you do not have it in your routine, then as per the doctors at Mayo clinic, begin your exercise routine from merely 5 minutes and increase the time minutely each day.

Proper Use of a Trampoline

Gently bounce or walk on a trampoline for a low-impact exercise. A doctor at Pregnancy.org suggests you to gently bounce on a trampoline during pregnancy and keep your knees bent while you do it. Also, make sure you ask for your doctor’s advice on the intensity of your exercise on a trampoline and whether it would be safe at all. Do not continue it if you feel discomfort at any point.

Not only can you bounce on a trampoline, but also jog, squat and arch back. These are the exercises you can perform being on the trampoline while maintaining your balance. I need not to explain jogging. When it comes to arching back, make sure you do not go overboard with it. All you need to do is get on all fours and then arch your back upwards, but make sure you do not overstrain it. Then lower your back and go as far as you can with it. Repeat the process about 7 to 10 times. Arching back helps reduce the backache and also helps in the labor.

On the other hand, squatting needs extra care and balance of the body. Make sure you keep your posture right and back straight when you do it. A little mistake with the posture and you might end up hurting yourself. You may use light weights as well for this exercise. However, keeping it a simple squat is better for pregnant women.

Risks Involved in Exercising on a Trampoline

The major risk of bouncing and exercising on a trampoline is that you may lose your balance and fall off. Therefore, I would suggest you to have a safety net around the trampoline or something that you can hold on to while working out.

Also, making sure the intensity is right is also necessary. If you a little overboard with the bouncing or any exercise that you do on a trampoline, it may hurt you or cause some adverse results.

The last consideration is that there must not be anybody else hopping on a trampoline when you are on it. You must maintain your own intensity and if there is someone with you, you might lose your balance or the intensity might affect you and your baby badly.

When a Trampoline Is Not Safe

If the trampoline is safe for one pregnant woman, it is not necessary that it is safe for all because every pregnancy is different from one another. It might not be safe for you if you have certain health condition like bleeding, premature labor and hypertension problems which makes your case sensitive and demands extra carefulness. In such a case, you might not be allowed to exercise at all. Exercise, including trampoline exercise, is not right for every pregnant woman. Therefore, it becomes necessary to consult your doctor in such a case before you start any sort of exercise. 


I hope that you are now well-aware that mini trampolines with safety nets around them are completely safe for pregnant ladies as long as they have consulted their doctor and that they make proper use of the trampoline without going overboard with things. However, it may not be safe for any who have symptoms of premature labor, bleeding or high blood pressure. Therefore, it is essential for all the pregnant ladies to first take the doctor’s advice on how to incorporate proper and safe exercise in their daily routine.