Why Do I Feel Empty? 11 Reasons why You Feel Empty

By | September 13, 2019
Why Do I Feel Empty

Maybe you’ve wondered, why do I feel empty? If you often feel empty, you are not alone. It turns out that many people feel empty without even a reason. Suddenly they felt like something was missing in their life.

Most of us usually have the wrong belief in responding to that void. That wrong belief is when we feel empty because:

  • Feeling our spouse and family do not give enough love and attention.
  • Don’t have a partner.
  • Life is boring because the couple is not trying to keep the relationship friendly.
  • My work is not satisfactory.
  • I haven’t had enough success.
  • I don’t have much money yet.
  • Nobody wants to keep up with me.
  • Life is boring and uninteresting.
  • I do not accept the acceptance and love of the people around.
  • I do not get satisfaction se**x.

But none of the conditions above that are the cause of voids and void in life.

Then why do I feel empty for no reason?

Here are the answer of question, Why Do I Feel Empty? The Reasons why You Feel Empty:

Losing someone You love.

Many possibilities cause you to feel empty but you don’t realize it. It could be that you feel life as a result of losing someone you love.

You ignore Yourself.

It can also be a mistake that you are feeling because you accidentally often ignore yourself. You do not want your hopes, needs, and wishes, but rather listen to the thinking of others.

It turns out that ignoring yourself can trigger anxiety, depression, and can even make you feel your life hollow. Some people feel dissatisfied with themselves and what they do.

They also felt failed, were not excited, and felt something was not fulfilled.

You sleep less

Fatigue due to lack of sleep greatly affects mood, energy levels, and our cognitive function. And the most ironic thing is that depression can also be the cause of sleep deprivation, so it’s like a vicious cycle. If you often have problems or sleep disorders, you are prone to experiencing erratic feelings.

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You’re rarely doing outdoor activities

A number of studies have shown the benefits of “ecotherapy*”or “green therapy” in the healing efforts of depression. Therapy in the open nature apparently can give a taste of fresh and calm. Well, now the question, when was the last time you were walking or exercising in the outdoors? Try to give yourself a walk outdoors like a walk in the park even though it’s only five minutes a day.

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Due to changes.

Change can make people feel lonely. People who change girlfriends, can feel lonely. An older person can feel lonely. So every time we experience change and face new things, we can feel lonely even emptiness. The impact, for each person is different because it depends on the way of thinking of each.

Because of separation.

Why Do I Feel Empty - Because separation

The distance of the people or things we care about can make us feel lonely. LDR is the person who most often feels lonely because of this. It really is the distance that separates but does not close the possibility due to the impression of distance in the other sense. For example, communication that is difficult to connect, or because the opposition of parents makes one can not contact let alone meet the loved ones.

You are always comparing your life with others

One of the biggest causes of void is when you are always comparing your life with others. You think about what they have, but you don’t. But indeed, it may be that they also feel the void within themselves.

Lost something in life

Emptiness can also occur if you have lost something in life. You have a view that you think is good about life, but you have not yet achieved it until you feel empty.

Other causes:

  • You too long isolate yourself and be alone.
  • You Drain Your Energy to Work Endlessly.
  • Hormonal deficiency or imbalance such as estrogen, progesterone, and cortisol.

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