8 Reasons Why is it difficult to lose weight

By | April 2, 2020
Why is it difficult to lose weight?

Losing weight has become more ideal has many benefits such as improving self esteem, quality of life, energy, prevent disease, longevity, and health care costs may be lower.

Moreover, a number of studies noting obesity caused by unhealthy lifestyles trigger various cardiovascular diseases such as heart and diabetes.

Why is it difficult to lose weight?

However, there are still some people who difficult to lose their weight. The reason assortment.

Eat a little

The diet theory seems indeed quite easy. You eat less and exercise more, then the weight would be decreased. Maybe you are right, but your body is “intelligent machine”.

When you reduce your calorie intake suddenly, the body will experience the starvation mode and the metabolism of the body was damaged.

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The next reason Why is it difficult to lose weight is the sauce.

Eat a little of the sauce may not be a big problem. But we often consume sauces, for example ketchup and chili sauce that contain 100 to 200 calories per serving. So, better to reduce the use of sauce in your food.

Drinking less water

Drinking 2-6 glasses of water every day can help you lose weight. Because plain water has no calories, so it can cure thirst without adding weight.

Drinking enough water can also avoid the consumption of soda, juice or instant coffee that has calories and high sugar, which is often the cause of weight gain.

Has no plans

The next reason Why is it difficult to lose weight is you have no plan.

Good preparation helps you to lose weight and build muscle. Try to plan your daily caloric intake.

In addition, plan a schedule of what food would you consume with all the nutrients enough. Because if you are not planned, your goal to lose weight could fail.

Sleep Habits

Older people need to sleep for 6-8 hours each night, sleeping habits that are less than 5 hours each night, relating to weight gain.

Lack of sleep can affect the hormone that regulates appetite and hunger is interrupted. So you become more often eat.

Lack of sleep also makes the body feel lethargic all day, so make you lazy exercising.


The better your thyroid works, the better your metabolism. The deficiency of thyroid hormones can slow your body’s metabolism. Slow metabolism can be a result of hypothyroidism. In the beginning, hypothyroidism is often thought of as fatigue due to symptoms in the form of drowsiness and fatigue.

But you have to be careful. Is your skin dry? Are your nails and hair becoming fragile? Do you have anemia, nausea and constipation? It may be hypothyroidism: Your metabolism deteriorating, your intestines start to work slower and your weight increases. If you find these symptoms, it is advisable that you immediately visit a doctor because diet and exercise will not help here.

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Always stressful every day

Do not be considered trivial, if consciously or unconsciously you are actually being stressed and this can interfere with the smoothness of your diet. When wanting to lose weight, make sure that your body is in good function and the hormone levels are stable.

If all the time you are experiencing stress, then the body will multiply the production of stress hormones like cortisol. Well, this hormone can also stimulate hunger and increase appetite.

If this is the case, your diet can of course fail to lose weight. So it is best to manage stress well by doing activities that can make the body calm and relax.

No Exercises

You don’t eat rice, but hard to weight lose because you do not exercise.

Proper exercise can lose weight, increase muscle mass, and make you feel refreshed. Thus, it is very important to do the right exercises.

You have read why is it difficult to lose weight? I hope that’ll useful.

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