Wonders of Tea Tree Oil Massage for Your Skin

By | August 24, 2017

Most moisturizers, creams and lotions contain tea tree oil as a main ingredient. But, the best way to get efficient results for the betterment of your skin is to invest in a bottle of pure tea tree oil and massage it on your skin. Tea Tree Oil is considered as one of the safest essential oils, and in most instances, it can be used undiluted in small quantities.

There is a lot more to add to the benefits of tea tree oil for your skin, so we have mapped them out here for you: 

Relieving Unwanted Acne:

The massaging tea tree oil on your acne area is among the efficient acne treatments. It contains anti-bacterial and anti-fungal compounds that help in getting rid of skin inflammation and unwanted swelling. This particular oil can treat mild to severe acne, and it helps in dimming the scars and other unwanted effects too.

Tea tree oil benefits

Tea tree oil benefits

In order to get the best result, all you need to do is to take a tiny amount of this powerful oil and thoroughly massage so that it can easily penetrate into your skin. Other than disinfecting, the constant use will dry out pimples, blemishes, whiteheads and blackheads.


Eczema is one of those skin diseases which has worried people around the world. The people who are affected by its face severe scratching, blistering, itching, and dryness. Tea Tree Oil massage is the best solution here, other than the medical treatment that you have been generally getting. Properly massaging it on your skin not only soothes the itching, but it speeds up the healing process.

It can further relieve the inflammation, which is accompanied by Eczema breakouts. If an infection develops, the oil’s healing properties can fight it off and can stop it from spreading too. 

Cuts and Infections:

If you have infections that are irritating and cuts that are persisting for a long time, Tea tree oil can treat them for you. Combine it with lavender essential oil and make your own homemade ointment.

Before massaging the ointment, clean the infected area thoroughly with hydrogen peroxide and water. After that dilute two drops of tea tree and lavender oil ointment in jojoba oil, apply on the affected area and cover it with the bandage. Now sit back and relax in a great massage chair and witness that not only your infection will be prevented from spreading further but it will be rooted out too. 

Get Rid of Acne And Burn Marks:

This is one wonder of Tea Tree Oil that no matter what everybody will love. We all have developed acne in some part of our life, and we all want to get rid of the scars that leave their footprint. And, it is nothing that a massage with tea tree oil couldn’t soothe. Moreover, the burn mark that you got years ago, which is still sitting like a red sign on your skin can be gently removed too.

You can massage your skin with diluted tea tree oil with water, or you can also take a bath with it. In any case, you will soon solve any skin problem that had been bugging you since a very long time.

Cures Dry Skin:

The benefits of tea tree oil don’t just end at curing acne and its marks, but it also is a great remedy against dry skin. Gently massaging tea tree oil with almond oil onto your skin is one of the effective ways to keep skin hydrated. After massaging it on your skin, bath normally. You will notice that your skin is glowing, is supple and leaves your skin extra soft.

It can further help with the cracks that appear on the faces of those people who have extremely dry skin. If just a drop is taken by the pure tea tree oil, any skin tears that accompany your condition can be eliminated for a long time.

Controls Body Odour:

Body odour is what we cannot control, even though we can try to. Using tea tree oil, massaging it on your body and bathing with it can cut down body odour as well as the growth of bacteria caused by it. The anti-bacterial property of this essential oil ensures that your skin retains its elasticity and prevents any sort of germ from growing on your body.

The bacteria reproduction is stopped so that you do not contract any disease or specific infection under arms, and on central spots that emit odour. Therefore, it is necessary that you massage tea tree oil on a regular basis with proper baths.

Prevents Hair Fall:

Tea Tree Oil not only heals your body skin, but it also helps in maintaining the growth and the health of your hair skin. With constant massages, take a drop or two and start massaging from the roots, you can stop hair fall and magnify the growth of your hair. Similarly, you will also get rid of visible flakes.

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