How To Get Rid of Dust in The House in 10 Ways

By | October 8, 2019
How To Get Rid of Dust

How To Get Rid of Dust in The House – Dust is the accumulation of small particles, including pieces of lint, paper, hair, pet fur, skin cells, dirt, and much more. Letting it accumulate too much will cause allergies and other health problems, so it’s a good thing to keep control of it.

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It is impossible to remove all the dust from your life, but there are cleaning methods, remedies for chaos, and filtering techniques that can drastically reduce the amount of dust that is in suction every day by you and your family. See the first step to learning How To Get Rid of Dust from your home.

How To Get Rid of Dust in The House

Clean or upgrade the air filter in your home.

If your home is warm or cool using a centralized system, you can change the filter to control the amount of dust in the air. Dust will continue to form inside your home, but a quality air filter can reduce the rate of dust buildup.

Avoid using cotton mattresses and pillows.

This is where the dust is “palace”. Try to hit your mattress, surely dust will fly. Imagine if the dust was settled for a long time in your home.

Change Sheets periodically

Do you know that a mattress is a place where dust is gathered? This may be the case, especially if you do a variety of activities on the mattress. Whether it’s eating or doing office assignments. To avoid dust, replace the sheets and pillowcases or bolsters periodically.

Use home furnishings made of wood or plastic.

Besides being easy to clean, wood and plastic materials also do not make dust sticking.

Remove dust by wet cloth

Remove dust by wet cloth, so as not to fly and clean fast. We recommend avoiding using broom.

Clean the carpet once a week with a vacuum cleaner and wash it in a special place (laundry).

How To Get Rid of Dust in The House
How To Get Rid of Dust in The House

If it is clean and not used, it is good that the carpet is rolled and plastic wrapped tightly to prevent dust from sticking.

Always clean the vacuum cleaner bag before full

If a room with a hard surface can be cleaned with a washcloth, you need to use a vacuum cleaner for the smooth surface such as carpet, sofa, mattress, or house curtain.

When using a vacuum cleaner to suck dust, always make sure the dirt bag in the vacuum has been always empty. Also make sure the vacuum cleaner channel can suck the dirt in the room more maximally. If necessary, use a special vacuum with a strong suction power until it can clean the mites that are often lodged in seats, carpets, and similar furniture.

Sweep the floor once every 2-3 days

Though not always visible, the dust will usually feel when we step on the House floor.

Therefore, we must sweep the house regularly, especially the parts that we often use for activities, such as bedrooms and kitchens.

With a regular sweep, the dust will be significantly reduced, making the floor cleaner.

After sweeping the floor, don’t forget to mop

To keep the floor clean, sweeping is not enough.

The floor needs to be mopped regularly to clean dust, dirt, or sticking stains that might be missed when sweeping.

Use a damp mop so that the dust is lifted up clean.

For maximum results, use a floor cleaning fluid while providing a fresh aromatic on the House floor.

Minimize dust in the wardrobe

Without your knowing, the wardrobe is a place where clothes or towel fibers are gathered. You may not be able to avoid the rest of the clothing that is not visible, but you can minimize the dust in the wardrobe by always keeping the cleanliness of the clothes. Try to use plastic or protective clothing. If there is dust on the wall of the wardrobe, try to clean the dust and cover the clothes with protective clothing.

Thank you very much for reading How To Get Rid of Dust in The House, hopefully useful.

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