Is Cheese Good for Health?

By | December 24, 2017
Is Cheese Good for Health?

Cheese actually is one of the foods that are preferred by many people. But for health reasons, such as worrying about growing weight or increasing cholesterol, some people choose to stay away from this tasty food. However, do not have to worry because the important thing is consumed not excessive! Now the question, Is Cheese Good for Health?

Cheese is one product of milk that has undergone fermentation so it will harden. Have a taste of that sweet and savory so many people love this food. Had a solid but soft texture when eaten.

Is Cheese Good for Health?

Is Cheese Good for Health?

Is Cheese Good for Health?

A study recently published in the European Journal of Nutrition has stated that consumes a small amount of cheese on a regular basis can actually reduce a person’s risk of coronary heart disease-affected amounted to 14 percent. In fact, it can also reduce the chances of someone affected by stroke by 10 percent.

Why cheese can provide good for health? According to the author of the study, high levels of calcium in the cheese (good) could block some saturated fat (FAT evil) in cheese products, so as to balance the ratio of nutritional value.

For maintaining health, you still recommended not consuming excessive cheese. But, at least you’ve learned that eating cheese in limited quantities is good enough for the health of the body.

Cheese also has a wide variety of types and all have great benefits for the body. These foods are also rich in content of nutrients in it. Such as vitamin A, vitamin B12, Vitamin C, calcium, zinc, phosphorus, iron and potassium. All content contained on the cheese has the benefits of each. Judging from the ingredients of milk, cheese is a very high source of calcium. For it if the cheese eating regularly will make strong bones. The food is very suitable for children who are still in its infancy.

This is the health benefits of cheese:

  • Prevent colitis

Butyric in cheese can protect ourselves from colon cancer. Because the cells in the intestine got a supply of nutritious intake. In addition, it can reduce the inflammation of the colon.

  • Healthy teeth

Cheese can keep your teeth stay healthy because of the content of calcium and phosphorus.  Both of these minerals fight lactic acid that is naturally present in the mouth and prevent the erosion of tooth enamel. The enamel is useful to chew the food and prevent cavities.

  • Prevent beriberi disease

Cheese can prevent the beriberi disease. This is because cheese has a high vitamin B content due to the fermentation process. In addition, B vitamins can also maintain health nerve function in the brain.

  • Maintaining bone health

Cheese made from the milk automatically contain calcium and B vitamins are very high. The function of the calcium is to maintain bone density to avoid osteoporosis and good for the children in their growth. While B vitamins will help the body to absorb and circulate in the body.

  • Prevent cancer

Inside the cheese there is a good acid called linoleic acid and Sphingolipids. The both content is very beneficial for preventing cancer. This is because the two substances is anti-carcinogenic, meaning to kill carcinogenic substances. In addition to these two ingredients, cheese also has plenty of vitamin B are very good in keeping the immune system.

Thank you very much for reading Is Cheese Good for Health?, hopefully useful.

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