5 Steps to Take When Concerned For an Elderly Loved One

By | September 17, 2017
Concerned For an Elderly Loved One

You have got an elderly parent and you have decided to take up the responsibility of caregiving. Caregiving can be a truly fulfilling and rewarding experience for both, the parent and their children if they opt for family caregiving. But when you don’t know how exactly you can do that without having to make drastic changes to your daily routine, things can go down the hill pretty quickly. I’m going to give you several tips on how to prevent that from happening.

  1. Make Their Needs a Priority:

You should be fairly clear on the fact that since you have taken up this responsibility, their needs are your priority. Grab some paper and make a list. Everything that needs to be done and fixed should be on that list. Then separate everything that is a part of their daily routine and schedule it; this includes their diet, medication, exercise or walks. It would be perfect if you kept a small notebook to jot all the details down, since you can keep checking off the activities as you progress through the day without fearing you will be forgetful about it.

  1. Give Them Space:

I understand that you might be concerned about them doing some of their chores by themselves or going out to the nearby park alone, but you have to understand that keeping them fairly independent ensures their mental health and gives them confidence in themselves. Better yet, always make everything look like an option. Don’t tell them they have to see a doctor this week at all cost, if they avoid it. Ask them if they want to get it over with already or do they want to visit by the end of the week. This would make them feel they can still make choices in their life.

Concerned For an Elderly Loved One

Concerned For an Elderly Loved One

  1. Get Some Help:

Please don’t take it all on your shoulders, you just can’t do it! You’ll get tired and you’ll wear yourself out and it won’t even work. Get help from your family, especially siblings. It’ll only make your parents feel more connected to everyone and loved. If you have kids who can assist you with certain task, then get them to help you. They can take their grandparents out on a walk; assist them by having their meals and whatnot.

  1. Arrange Social Gatherings:

Unless your elderly parent doesn’t really approve of much interaction with other humans, you can’t possibly deny the importance of family gatherings and events. Arrange for them to meet with their adulthood friends or colleagues, invite them over the dinner. It just makes managing them easier because it keeps them satisfied on an emotional level, which consequently keeps them in good health.

  1. Manage Finances:

Chances are that when you take the responsibility of caregiving, immediately your budget will be strained. Now if your parents have savings, then it will work out, however, if they have some property you can consider Equity Release. Either way, talk it out with your parents and sort it out as soon as is possible.

These are some steps that you can take to enhance the family caregiving while making it more feasible for yourself at the same time. Stick to these tips and you’ll be facing it!

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