Benefits of strawberries for toddlers

By | May 14, 2018
Benefits of strawberries for toddlers

Strawberries can be said as a fruit that has a lot of fans! Obviously, because this fruit has a beautiful shape, Scarlet red color, complete with accents of green leaves at the top. It’s not just a sweet look, good content contained in strawberries may have contributed to the health of children. Summarized from various sources, here are some of the health Benefits of strawberries for toddlers:

Benefits of strawberries for toddlers

  • Caring For Children’s Skin

Strawberries are rich in vitamin c which is good for the skin. In addition to brightening, strawberries can also moisturize skin. So if your children exclaimed playing outdoors, strawberries can be a more appropriate snacks for children.

  • Hydrates the Body

Moisture content contained in Strawberry fruit is just as much the watermelon. Three to five large strawberries every day can help moisturize and improve the water content in the body of the child. If the child trouble consuming the fruit pieces, you can change the Strawberry fruit into juice.

  • Improve The Mood Of The Child

As you get older, the hormones in the body of the child will also vary, and can change the mood of the child anytime and anywhere. Strawberries are known to be able to stimulate the release of serotonin or hormones that affect mood.

  • Add Memory

Many experts say that the folate content contained in strawberries can enhance human memory. If regularly consumed, this fruit can also make more concentration at school. But don’t make the Strawberry fruit just as the main menu for the children to school. Strawberry fruit better eaten when still fresh or freshly taken out of the refrigerator.

  • Keeping the Digestive System

Constipation and diarrhea are the most common disease in children. Therefore, it is important for you to meet their daily fiber needs. Strawberries contain high fiber, but low in calories so that helps keep the digestive system and lowering blood sugar levels.

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