10 Different Hair Brushes For Different Hair Types

By | March 1, 2020
Different Hair Brushes For Different Hair Types

Different Hair Brushes For Different Hair Types – Maintain healthy hair, not enough to use conditioner and hair vitamins only. But, should pay attention to the type of comb used. 

Many people consider the kind of comb that they use for hairdressing. Because he thinks all combs have the same function that is to style the hair. In fact, if you comb your way correctly, but the type of comb you use is wrong, then your hair can get damaged. Let us get acquainted with the types of comb to know when the right time we use the comb to style our hair.

Different Hair Brushes For Different Hair Types

Wooden Comb

The comb is essentially suitable for both long and short hair. The person who most needs this comb is those who have oily hair. This comb can remove dirt and stuck dust in oily hair with maximum.

Silicone Comb

For those who have dry and damaged hair, this is the right comb. Don’t forget to put it in the bag well.

Plastic Comb

Different Hair Brushes For Different Hair Types
Different Hair Brushes For Different Hair Types

This type of comb is the most widely used people even though it’s not good. According to the experts, the use of plastic comb continuously can damage any kind of hair. This comb can make a hair attract a lot of dust.

Nylon Comb

If this comb was created for thick and wavy hair.

Nylon material on the comb can make the hair neat quickly.

Not only that, this type of comb can also spread the oil in the hair with a flat.

Natural bristles comb

You may have found a soft-bristled comb, but rather stiff.

Apparently, this type of comb was created for straight and long hair.

The fur material will make the hair tidy, but not damage it.

Synthetic Bristle Comb

These combs are cheaper than those made from natural bristles. The comb is also safe for children and all hair types.

Looper Brushes

If you feel your hair has been badly damaged or you use a hair extension, this comb that you must have. This comb can make your hair more neat without making it fall out.

Vented Brush

This comb Model is appropriate for hard-to-set hair. The function of the vented brush is not only for hair that is hard to set, but also helps our hair dry because there are ventilation or holes in the middle. So this comb is suitable for use in wet conditions and also suitable for those with dry hair ends.

Wide-fingered Comb

This wide-fingered comb was created for frizzy hair.

Its wide finger is more comfortable when used.

This comb can also make us comb out the frizzy hair without having to use energy that is too strong.

Semi round brush

It’s a must-have comb for you with short hair. No matter your hair is straight or curly, here’s a safe comb for you to keep your hair neat.

Choose a comb according to the type of hair

Frizzy Hair

Combs with brushes and wide handles were the best for frizzy hair. “The comb with a wide handle is suitable for curly hair or frizzy hair because it will ease the fingers to move without pulling the hair with coarse.

Thick and wavy hair

The hairbrush on well functions to distribute the oil to the entire hair shaft. To straighten the tangled hair quickly, try selecting a comb with a nylon-made brush. The nylon material is very rigid and can well tidy up long and thick hair,

Straight Hair

That the comb with fur material is the most suitable for those who are straight-haired because it has a soft surface. 

Curly Hair

Comb with a wide brush is a great option for those who with curly hair, as they can minimize friction and traction.

Damaged Hair

Hair will be more easily damaged when wet because hair particles are united and more fragile. The use of a comb with tenuous teeth like a paddle brush to minimize the hair tug.

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