6 Beauty and Health Benefits of Fenugreek Seeds

By | February 29, 2020
Interesting health benefits of Fenugreek Seeds

Beauty and Health Benefits of Fenugreek Seeds – Fenugreek is one type of plant with a myriad of benefits. Since hundreds of years ago, Fenugreek’s benefits have been widely known by people. The benefits of Fenugreek not only touched the health realm.

Can fenugreek benefits increase breast milk production? Is fenugreek effective to increase libi**do? Curious to know the answer? Let’s keep reading this information and find other useful information.

What is Fenugreek?

Fenugreek is an herbal plant belonging to the Fabaceae family. The scientific name of Fenugreek is Trigonella foenum-graecum. 

Fenugreek plants originated in the Middle East and the Mediterranean. However, in the development of Fenugreek also many grow in the region of South Asia even India is the largest fenugreek producing country in the world.

There are two important parts of fenugreek, namely leaves and seeds. Fenugreek seeds are usually used to add delicious flavored dishes such as curry. However, fenugreek seeds and leaves are equally beneficial as herbal remedies.

Fenugreek content that is beneficial to the body

A myriad of amazing benefits to Fenugreek are closely related to the content of the substances in it.

Fenugreek contains substances that are very complete, both macro and micro nutrients. The content of fenugreek is fiber, carbohydrate, protein, polyunsaturated fats, vitamin B complex, and some minerals.

The B-complex vitamins contained in Fenugreek include:

  • Vitamin B1,
  • Vitamin B2,
  • Vitamin B3,
  • Vitamin B6,
  • Vitamin B9 (folate).

Some minerals in fenugreek, namely:

  • Calcium
  • Potassium
  • Phosphorus
  • Iron
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc,
  • Manganese,
  • Copper
  • Selenium.

Fenugreek also contains saponins which are rich in health benefits. One more important ingredient in fenugreek is antioxidants.

Fenugreek contains several types of antioxidants, among which are:

  • Choline
  • Trigonelline,
  • Apigenin,
  • Luteolin,
  • Gitogenin,
  • Yamogenin,
  • Diosgenin,
  • Tigogenin.

Beauty and Health Benefits of Fenugreek Seeds

Here are the Beauty and Health Benefits of Fenugreek Seeds:

Preventing premature aging

Surprisingly, Fenugreek seeds can remove signs of premature aging such as fine lines and wrinkles.

How, Blend one scoop of Fenugreek seeds that have been soaked overnight with one spoon of yogurt, until the form of a smooth paste. Apply on the face and leave for 30 minutes. Then rinse with cold water.

The antioxidants contained in Fenugreek seeds prove to be able to fight free radicals and slow premature aging. While lactic acid in yogurt gives a smooth and gentle sensation to the skin.

Recovering pimples

With the content of Diosgenin compounds with anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, Fenugreek is worth trying to cure acne problems.

The ingredients are 4 tablespoons fenugreek seeds, soak overnight. 4 cups of water to boil the seeds to a boil, approximately 15 minutes. Filter for the seeds and water of the stew separately, then let it cool down. Use cotton, apply water to the face twice a day. Store the rest in the refrigerator.

Bone Health

The first benefit of fenugreek is to nourish your bones. The calcium content that is in it will make your bones become stronger. In addition, you can also prevent the disease of future bone deterioration.

Healthy Teeth

One of the benefits of this fenugreek is also able to nourish your teeth. The calcium found in this seed is not only beneficial to your bones, but it can also strengthen your teeth. Your teeth will not be easily attacked by toothache.


Besides the benefits of a fenugreek that will help you to be able to prevent anemia. This healthy seed contain which is safe for your body to consume so that symptoms of anemia can be prevented. The production of red blood cells in your body will also increase.

Maintain cholesterol

Fenugreek seeds are often used as a spice to the kitchen and the basic ingredients for cooking, it has a good function also to keep the cholesterol levels in your body. 2 ounces of fenugreek seeds are able to regulate and maintain the level of cholesterol in the body in order not to experience a significant increase.

With well-controlled cholesterol levels, you will avoid some serious health problems, such as:

  • Cardiac arrest
  • Stroke
  • Blockage of blood vessels.

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