Yellow teeth causes

By | February 4, 2018
Yellow teeth causes

Yellow teeth is a serious problem for everyone. Yes the yellow teeth that make people become not confident, this is due to the teeth is one of the most important things in appearance and yellow teeth can make the appearance becomes not maximum. It has often been brush your teeth but your teeth remain yellow must make you annoyed, It can happen due to this several things.  Brushing the teeth is required every day to maintain your teeth healthy. In addition, brushing the teeth can prevent you from various dental problems,, including yellow teeth. There are plenty of habits that cause the teeth looks yellow, for example, the following several things yellow teeth causes:

Yellow teeth causes

  • Coffee.

Coffee has become a problem in the teeth. Although coffee has many benefits, but the coffee is not good for the teeth. The habit of drinking coffee will make teeth yellowed, not just yellowing, even coffee can also make teeth black. You can see the teeth of people who love to drink coffee, most of them have yellow and black teeth.

  • Consuming Excessive Acid Fruit.
Yellow teeth causes

Yellow teeth causes

What you consume could have an impact on the color of your teeth. Not only consume excessive coffee or soda, taking acid fruits such as lemon, Orange, pineapple can also cause yellow teeth. Consume fruits that reasonable amounts and drink water after taking them.

  • Herbal tea.

Herbal tea has lots of benefits for the health of our body. But too often consume herbal tea will make teeth becomes yellow. So you shouldn’t too often consume herbal tea.

  • Chewing gum.

Chewing gum can also cause teeth becomes yellow. Actually not only chewing gum but all candy is not good for the teeth, but gum that has the worst impact on teeth. The content of sugar in candy can also damage the tooth to finally cause a toothache.

  • Sugary foods.

Sugary foods is the main enemy of the teeth. Sugary foods like cakes, chocolate, Brownies and so on can damage and make the teeth become yellow. Therefore you should avoid sugary foods so that the teeth are always healthy and clean white.

  • Drugs.

There are also some medications that can make the teeth become yellow, for example antibiotic drugs. Antibiotic can cause teeth to become yellow. It’s good you don’t overuse of drugs.

  • Fizzy drinks.

Fizzy drinks can also make teeth yellow and damage the teeth. Fizzy drinks can erode your tooth enamel to make the tooth damaged. Fizzy drink not only can make damage the teeth, here are the dangers of drinking soda.

  • Brushing the teeth after eating sugary foods.

Brushing the teeth is igood, but brushing the teeth after consuming sugary foods can be bad on the teeth. After chewing the food, the mouth will be to neutralize the acid, and to neutralize this, then remove the enamel to protect the tooth. So if you are in a hurry brushing your teeth, the enamel will be wasted and the bacteria easily lodged in the teeth so that teeth become yellow.

  • Brushing The Teeth Too Hard.

Avoid brushing your teeth too hard though it may feel cleaner. Teeth brushed too hard in fact precisely will cause yellow teeth, especially if your toothpaste contains a lot of detergent. In addition, brushing your teeth too hard will also make your tooth enamel damaged.

  • Overuse Of Mouthwash.

For many people, the mouthwash to ward off bad breath. When using mouthwash too often will also trigger damage to tooth enamel layers then make your teeth yellow. It will be more severe when you use a mouthwash containing acid substances. Instead of Mouthwash, here are How to get rid of bad breath in the morning.

Well, it turns out several things above why are your teeth yellow even though you brush them, the yellow teeth causes. And if your teeth yellowish, you must read How to get white teeth instantly at home.