7 Benefits of Lavender Oil For Removing Skin Tag

By | September 13, 2018
what essential oils are good for removing skin tags

Quite many people with skin tags wish to get rid of these unappealing growths without having to spend a significant amount in surgical skin tag removal methods like excision and freezing which are either painful or leave a scar on the skin after the tag is removed. Some skin tags can be dealt with effectively at home by employing natural methods. One of these methods involves application of certain essential oils on the tags a couple of times each day till the tag falls off. Lavender essential oil is the safest essential oil used for removing skin tags and can be used neat on skin without any  irritation. Still, we recommend doing a patch test a day before you begin using this essential oil to rule out any possibility of an allergic reaction when you use it on the skin tag. To use the oil for removing skin tags,  wash the skin tag and the surrounding skin with an antibacterial soap and pat dry with a towel.  Apply a little vaseline to the skin surrounding the skin tag to form a barrier so the oil applied to the tag, if its neat does not seep into the surrounding skin. To stay safe, dilute the oil with some drops of water. Dip a clean q- tip in the diluted lavender essential oil and apply it straight to the skin tag and its base. Do this atleast three times a day for a week or two until the tag falls off. Opposed to most other skin tag removal procedures,  this method comes with a hoard of benefits for those suffering from this embarassing condition. We have outlined the benefits of using lavender essential oil for removing skin tags.

Non – Invasive

Lavender essential oil deftly removes skin tags by shrinking them until the tag falls off without employing any extreme measures like cutting or strangulating its base. For skin tags that appear on sensitive body parts like groin or near the eye lids,  lavender oil helps in drying off the tags in those areas without any discomfort. This method is painless and can be performed safely in the comfort of your home. All you need to do is apply the oil to the targeted area until the tag drops off.

Fights Infections


Lavender oil is anti-septic in nature which helps in warding off any infections that might occur in the tag or the surrounding skin. The anti-bacterial properties of lavender oil help protect the skin tag and surrounding skin from bacterial invasions. It also prevents fungal growth that appears on skin folds with its anti-fungal properties and keeps the skin tags  on those areas protected from fungal infections.

Combats Inflammation

Skin tags are prone to becoming inflamed if they get injured or get stuck between clothes. Lavender oil works by reducing any inflammation that occurs on the skin tag.  Unlike other skin tag removal methods,  you don’t need to take any prescription medicines treat the inflammation that takes place on the skin tag when attempting to remove it with lavender oil.

Manages Pain

Lavender essential oil has analgesic properties which help in providing relief from pain that may arise on the skin tag if it gets injured or becomes inflamed. Most surgical skin tag removal methods are extremely painful and you may need painkillers to lessen the pain that comes with cutting or freezing the tag. Removing a skin tag with lavender oil helps you get rid of the skin tag without having to experience any pain or bleeding.

Prevents Scarring

Lavender oil is replete with anti-oxidants that prevent the formation of scar tissue on the skin surface.  Applying it on the skin tag will help it fall off without any marks left on the skin.  If you have already got a skin tag removed with any of the surgical methods,  you can still use lavender oil to lighten scars left behind on the skin.

Moisturises Skin

The root cause of skin tags is friction on the skin and the dryness that results from friction.  Applying lavender oil diluted with other carrier oils in those areas can help prevent any outbreaks in the future by adding moisture to friction prone areas of the skin. Lavender oil expertly treats the swollen collagen tissue inside the skin tag to shrink it and keeps the surrounding skin moisturized to help the shrunken tag shed from the skin without causing any damage to the skin it is attached to.

Regenerates Cells

Lavender oil has skin regenerative properties owing to a high vitamin E content which helps in activating skin renewal process leading the cells inside the skin regenerate more quickly. This makes the tag shed quickly as the skin on the base gets reformed and the layer of the skin where the skin tag is attached gets shed making it easier for the tag to fall off with the shed skin.

Author: Harvey Lee

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