How to care of orchids

By | February 1, 2019
Kind Remedies of The Orchid Flower

How to care of orchids? Are you currently confused because the orchid flower you planted doesn’t flower? Are you frustrated because it was planted long ago, but there is no signs that your Orchid flowers will be in bloom?

Types Of Orchids.

You need to know that there are many types of Orchid flowers compared to other types of ornamental plants. There are more than 25,000 types of Orchid plant in the world, but today populations of the Orchid plant dropped dramatically due to the destruction of forests is done by humans. This caused the species of Orchid plant be reduced drastically.

Orchid care can vary are according the type. However, there are a few simple guidelines that you can follow regardless the type of Orchid you have for maintaining health and beauty. If you want orchids to flower a lot, follow the following tips.

How to care of orchids.

The Ideal place.

You have to make the House of orchids is healthy and comfortable. Put the Orchid in a protected home has humidity and light intensity is ideal. For orchids, light it brings should range between 50-70%.

The roof of the orchid house should be made from paranet so that the incoming light criteria can be fulfilled. In addition, you also have to diligently cleaning the house of orchids. Wash the leaves and waste all around them.

Provide a suitable Planting Media.

There is also a rule for orchid growing media. The planting medium should be arranged 2 sides so that the orchid flower looks healthy and has many flowers. The arrangement consists of, pieces of brick that fills the 1/3 side down and fill the remaining 2/3 fern.

Then, the shape of the pot that is used should be made of clay. This absolute requirement so that it could make the Orchid becomes lush and always grows new and better shoots. Don’t forget to choose a clay pot that has a hole in order to smooth its circulation.


Do not place the Orchid plant just above the floor or ground. This condition makes the water you flush on the plant difficult to flow. As a result, the roots will rot easily. To that, hang orchids on a plant rack.

Keep the Orchid plant moist.

How to care of orchids

The Orchid plant is a tropical plant and its natural environment is humid area. Giving too much water on the plant will damage the orchids. Watering should be done in the morning hours 07.00-09.00 AM, and afternoon 15.00-17.00 PM.

Orchids grow well at high altitude, but did not close the possibility to live in the lowlands.

The most important is to keep the surrounding temperature not too hot, for example by placing it inside a greenhouse. Temperatures that are good for orchids is 15-35 degrees Celsius and the maximum temperature is 20 degrees Celsius with a good air circulation. Humidity ranges from 65-70 degrees Celsius.

The Lights Of The Room.

To keep the beauty of orchids, some people choose to do the repotting or transfer the pot to the plastic pot or glass pots with a larger diameter and a clean pot. Usually, they also move the pot into the House. The problem, the Orchid plant requires the intake of sunlight. Therefore, the way to solve it, buy the room lamp so that the orchids remain exposed to light.

Provide Fertilizer.

Fertilizer will keep your plants stay healthy and grow optimally. The granting of the Orchid fertilizer should not be haphazard, measure and type of fertilizer is given shall comply with the conditions of the plant. For this problem, you better ask directly to those who are experts or to the store where you buy agricultural fertilizers or seeds of orchids.

Thank you very much for reading How to care of orchids, hopefully useful.