How to enjoy food without gaining weight

By | December 27, 2017
How to enjoy food without gaining weight

End of year holidays, from Christmas and new year, usually indeed flooded with good food. However, do not feel hesitant while enjoying your Christmas cake for fear of gaining weight. Dizzying weight is not a healthy mindset to welcome the holiday season. Anyway, one good meal will not damage your diet. Why you should enjoy every calorie from your holiday meal without having to worry about weight? How to enjoy food without gaining weight?

How to enjoy food without gaining weight

  • Resisting lust often becomes a boomerang

Thinking that cookies are bad, and forbidding yourself to eat a cake, thus making you continue to think about it. when we refrain from eating something, we actually give more power to the food, as a result, you so obsessed not to eat it, until eventually you give up. When you give up, usually your appetite becomes uncontrollable and precisely so eat in excessive amounts.

  • Feast food is part of the tradition.
How to enjoy food without gaining weight

How to enjoy food without gaining weight

For many people, festival foods, such as Christmas, are part of the family tradition. This is part of us as a human beings. You don’t have to limit yourself from the part of the holiday, especially the delicious family recipes and part of your family’s pride.

  • The mentality

The food is not bad. Leaving the “good vs. bad” mentality, making you allow for your own trust in the selection of food. This allows you to have a more natural diet.

  • All foods can fit into a healthy diet.

Yes, even fatty cakes though. If we are practicing variety, balance, and small portions of food, we can choose any food every day. IIt is precisely when we start to excited eating a lot because it plans to start dieting tomorrow, that’s way of eating worse.

  • Set the order of the menu that you eat.

Eat only with one type of food is not the best way to maintain weight loss. For getting the best results from what you eat, there is a proper diet to prevent your weight gain. The sequence that is; fibrous foods, protein, and carbohydrates. Eat foods rich in fiber, such as vegetables or fruits first. This is done to absorb the moisture in your stomach so that makes your stomach as if already filled. This way can also help you reduce your servings that you will eat and decrease the risk of increased blood sugar.

  • Chew your food and eat slowly.

Chewing food for longer while eating can reduce your food intake and slightly decreases the appetite. Chew your food as much as 30 times make glucose levels and histamine increases effectively to control your appetite. When chewing food longer, making your meal times  also become longer. It is good for health. Because people who eat quickly can increase the risk of obesity. Eating too fast to make the body of a person trouble to fit his needs so make someone eat excessively.

  • Avoid doing something while eating.

Multitasking while eating it is not good. Eat while watching TV, or read the newspaper will not help you in losing weight. Even though you already chew more, nonetheless you will forget how much food you already enjoy, thus making the portion of the meal uncontrollable.

Thank you very much for reading How to enjoy food without gaining weight, hopefully useful.

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