How to protect yourself in an earthquake

By | February 1, 2018
How to protect yourself in an earthquake

How to protect yourself in an earthquake

Here’s how the combined recommended the Red Cross and the United Nations experts, to find out how to stay safe during an earthquake, How to protect yourself in an earthquake.

Things you SHOULD NOT do:

  • Hide in the doorway. This is a dangerous myth: a door frame can be dropped right in your head.
  • Walk outdoors if you are on the first floor. . Elevators and stairwells very dangerous during an earthquake. So do not use that thing, let alone use the elevator.

Other than that, things you should take note and do is.

  • As soon as you feel the vibrations, move closer to the outer wall. If a building falling, you will be found more quickly.
  • Make sure there is not something in the round that might fall: lighting equipment, closet hangers.
  • Lie down on the floor, preferably near the couch or bed (not under the bed!). If the ceiling falls, your bed will be struck and beside it there will be free space, which is stable enough not to fall on you.
  • Another good option is lay near the wall. Curved like a shrimp, cover your head with your arms to protect your head.
  • This theory is quite controversial. On the one hand, the most common hazard occurs when the earthquake is objects falling. If we know in advance that the earthquake will not be strong enough to knock down the House, we can safely hide under the table. But in more severe earthquake, while the walls and the ceiling fell in, the table will only destroy someone

You have about 10-20 seconds from the first tremors to the possibility of a collapse. It would be perfect if you use it to leave the building.

But don’t do that if:

  • You are at the top of the first floor, as has been said before.
  • There was a crowd at the exit.
  • You doubt it will take less than 10 seconds.

In this case, the danger of getting hurt if trying out higher than if you lived in. You definitely need time to assess a situation. In an emergency, making decisions is becoming increasingly difficult. In this way the building ruins and cable won’t fall on you. If you are on a bridge or ladder, leave immediately. Well hopefully this How to protect yourself in an earthquake tips helpful.