6 Short Hair Women’s Haircuts That Always Become A Trend

By | June 26, 2019
Short Hair Women’s Haircuts

Not only long hairstyles, but short hairstyles are also preferred today by many women to get a new fresh look. Many women also choose short hairstyles for their own personal reasons. However, short hairstyles are indeed timeless and never out of style. So, there are a lot of short hair women’s haircuts appear today. For you who want to change your hairstyles to short hairstyles, you can try these timeless short haircuts that always become a trend.

Short Hair Women’s Haircuts That Always Become A Trend

Asymmetrical Bob

For you who have a round face but want to try bob hairstyle, do not be worried. There is a type of bob hairstyles that can make your round face looks better. You are able to try this asymmetry bob hairstyle. This hairstyle will balance the volume of the back hair with the front facial features. So, you do not have to be scared that your face will look even more rounded. Instead, you will look more stylish and trendier with this asymmetry bob hairstyle.

Shaggy Bob

The next short hairstyle that you can try is shaggy bob. Shaggy bob is an ideal short hairstyle for women who hate complicated things. This type of bob hairstyles will make you look cute. You can use hot hair rollers to beautify the look and add hairspray to keep the hairstyle in the place. Are you interested to try this shaggy bob hairstyle?


This short hairstyle is more extreme than bob hairstyles. But for you who want a significant change of your look, you can directly try this pixie haircut. It is because pixie cut generally has a super short haircut. So, if this is your first time cutting your hair short and you are not sure yet about your decision, do not force yourself to apply this pixie haircut. There are many Hollywood celebrities who are brave enough to cut their hair with this hairstyle.

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Curly Bob

Short Hair Women’s Haircuts trend

The next one of the short hair women’s haircuts is curly bob. For you who have curly hair, you do not have to be worried whether short hairstyles are suitable for you or not. You can try this curly bob short hairstyle. Curly bob is a safe short haircut because it is not as short as pixie cut. Instead, your curly hair will look prettier and cuter with this short hairstyle.

Shaggy Long Bob

Even though the name is long bob, this hairstyle is not that long as you think. It is still included as a short hairstyle. Shaggy long bob is suitable for you who have thin or wavy hair. In order to add volume to your thin hair, you are able to give a messy look by styling your hair with the shaggy haircut. While for you who have wavy hair, you just need to cut your hair to neck length and use a little bit of hair cream or hair gel to keep your hair neat.

Wavy Bob

If you have a square face, this wavy bob short haircut is able to give you a solution. This haircut will give volume and dimension to your hairstyle, especially if you have wavy hair. So, it can be said that wavy bob short haircut is an alternative besides shaggy long bob haircut. You are also suggested to make it looks light instead of looking sharp.

This way, you will be able to get the best look.Those are the short hair women’s haircuts that you can try. If you have already tried those haircuts and there is not even one that is suitable for you, you can change the texture. Changing the texture is purposed to make the look of your haircut looks livelier.   

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