8 Reasons Why Men Lose Interest?

By | March 26, 2020
Why Men Lose Interest

As easily as men are attracted to certain women, it is so easy they lose interest. Often losing love and attraction is triggered by what happens in the love relationship. Check out why men lose interest in you.

Why Men Lose Interest?

Can’t maintain communication

Heart attraction is just a small part of a strong love relationship. It takes a good communication braid if you want to defend that love coals. When you don’t give a good response, it will be easy for men to switch to others.

He had another priority

The next reason Why Men Lose Interest is he had another priority.

The man who has a high spirit and ambition is interesting because he shows the inspiring side of the endeavor. But there are times when he has a different scale of priorities than other men, and you are not in a top priority in his life.

He just wants to play with you without going to have a more serious relationship

Maybe you want him to be your partner, but he just wants to play with you. Once he knows you don’t want to mess with him, he immediately ilfeel then retreats slowly. On the other hand, he may easily get bored with someone and look for another woman who can repel his boredom.

He still has a painful past that he can’t yet forget

Sometimes, if someone is hurt, he cannot forget the pain for a long time. It could be that is experienced by your partner. Although the occurrence was a long time ago, your partner is still not able to move on. Conscious and unconscious, he slowly moves away from you for fear of being hurt again.

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Goal difference

Reason Why Men Lose Interest

A man will usually lose his interest in you if the direction and purpose of your relationship is different with him. Before you decide to forge a relationship with a man, it’s a good idea to talk about your direction and goals with him to make sure that you’re on the same path. For example, do you want to live a courtship for a couple of new years to marry or immediately marry. If you feel the need to change direction and purpose, we recommend talking well with your partner, and give it space to think about it.

He could not accept your changes

Everyone has the right to change and there must be changes. When you’re trying to turn into a better person, there are times when people can’t accept your changes.

Maybe for you it is not something bad, but for your partner, he feels something inside him that he must change as well. Unfortunately, those changes sometimes don’t align with you. That’s life, everyone has the right to change to be better.

And when your partner is not able to accept being a better person than before the sign he is not good enough for you to keep, so let him go. Because anyway, he can’t support you to be a better person, right? It will be useless to have a relationship with people who do not align with you to be a better person.

He finds a prettier

As a creature who is attracted to the visuals of its kind, men are also easily turned when they find a prettier one. Especially if what he is looking at a relationship does not fulfill his wishes.

He faced personal problems

There are times when men decide not to make love first because there is a personal matter that is more important to think about, whether he is experiencing serious illness, his parents have just died or experienced a quaint family economic problem, nobody knows like what a person’s life.

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