Benefits of Warm Compress on Eyes

By | March 15, 2020
Benefits of Warm Compress on Eyes

Warm compresses are an incredible home cure for all sorts of eye ailments. There are of two types of warm compresses – moist and dry. Warm moist compresses are applied by soaking a washcloth in warm water and is placed on the affected area. These compresses are considered better for eyes than dry compresses as they help in providing moisture to dry eyes, ease inflammation and help in improving blood circulation around the eyes. They also help in movement of built up fluids around the eyes to ease any puffiness and tension in eye muscles. On the contrary,  dry heat applied to the eyes can lead to drying of the tear film on the eyes. One should exercise caution while using warm compresses in conditions like Pink eye and Red eye as the warmth may aggravate the condition by dilating blood vessels. Its better to wait for a few days to let the enlarged blood vessels constrict before applying warm compress in these conditions. To be on a safer side, get your eyes examined by an eye doctor whenever you encounter an eye problem,  before attempting to treat the condition on your own with this method. While using warm compress on your eyes it is important to practice hygiene to prevent the infection from spreading. Warm compresses only help in relieving the symptoms that accompany eye problems and should never be used in place of the treatment suggested by your doctor. Here is a list of benefits of using warm compresses on your eyes.

Reduce Swelling

Warm compresses offer considerable relief from swelling that takes place in conditions like eye stye, blepharitis, dry eye and cellulitis. The warmth applied to swollen eye area helps in drainage of the built up fluid and eases the pain that results from swelling in the eyes. Warm compresses for blepharitis help in reducing swelling on the eyelids and helps to get rid of the crusty debris that gets collected at the base of eye lashes.

Manage Pain

Benefits of Warm Compress on Eyes

Most eye problems and infections accompany eye pain. Warm compresses give relief from eye pain resulting from conditions such as eye fatigue,  trauma,  conjunctivitis,  stye and blepharitis.  They help in relaxing sore tissues around the eyes and minimize any pain resulting from the inflammation on the eyelids.

Curb Dryness

Moist warm compresses help in dealing with dry eyes which is a symptom of most eye diseases. The dryness is caused by insufficient tear flow or oil release in the eyes.  Warm compresses for dry eyes improve the production of tears and other eye fluids which are necessary to keep the eyes healthy and clear.

Improve Blood Circulation

Any strain on the eyes can hamper blood circulation in the eyes which may lead to vision problems including glaucoma. Warm compresses help in improving blood circulation in the eyes. This makes the nutrients flow at a faster rate to improve eye health.  An improved flow of nutrients to the eyes also helps in quicker healing of various eye conditions.

Rejuvenate Muscles

Warm compresses instantly rejuvenate tired eyes by relaxing the muscles around the eyes. Many visual problems are caused by weak muscles around the eyes.  Applying warm compresses around the eyes soothes any tension in the eye muscles and helps them move easily without any discomfort.

Cleanse Eyes

Some eye conditions appear with watery or mucous discharge in the eyes which gets collected at the corners of the eyes or on the eyelids.  Applying warm compresses frequently controls the inflammation and gets rid of the dryness that leads to flow of discharge inside the eyes and also helps in preventing build up of discharge on the eyelids. Sometimes, the discharge gets stuck in the eyelashes making it difficult to open the eyes.  Applying warm water on the lashes helps in dissolving the crusty discharge to keep the eyes clean.

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