10 Blood Plasma Functions and facts

By | July 11, 2020
Blood Plasma

Blood Plasma is a yellowish fluid which is responsible for carrying blood cells. Not only blood cells, blood plasma also serves to bring a variety of important nutrients that support the health of the body.

Blood Plasma is a part of blood that tends to be forgotten. In fact, the role of blood plasma in the body is no less important compared to red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets.

Blood Plasma Function

Blood Plasma is the largest part of the blood itself, which is 55% of the entire volume of blood. The blood Plasma itself consists of 92% water, while the other 8% consist of essential ingredients such as proteins, glucose, immunoglobulin, and also electrolytes.

Blood Plasma has many important functions in the body, among them are:

Transporting waste

Blood Plasma is responsible for helping the body cells dispose of metabolic waste. After that, this waste will be brought by blood plasma to other areas of the body, such as kidney or liver, to be disposed of.

Maintain balance of body fluids

Blood Plasma contains a lot of protein, but the most important is albumin and fibrinogen. Well, the albumin in the blood has a fairly important role in maintaining the balance of body fluids. This Protein is tasked with maintaining the fluid in the blood vessels not seeping into the tissues.

Helps blood clotting process

In addition to fibrinogen, blood plasma also contains various factors of blood clotting. Fibrinogen and these factors play a role in the process of blood clotting. If their levels are low in blood plasma, the blood will be difficult to stop flowing when bleeding occurs. This can cause the body to lose a lot of blood.

Maintain body temperature

Blood Plasma also plays a role in maintaining body temperature by absorbing or releasing heat according to the body’s needs.

Helps fight infections

An immunoglobulin that is contained in the blood plasma plays a role in the immune system. Its presence is able to help the body fight infections caused by bacteria and viruses.

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Maintain the balance of acids and bases

Potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium, and bicarbonate are the content of electrolytes in the blood plasma. These electrolytes play a role in maintaining the balance of acids and bases in the body. Not only that, they also play a role in regulating nerve and muscle function.

Blood Plasma Facts

Blood Plasma Facts

Until now the world condition because Coronavirus distribution is still not fully conducive. Attempts to stop and treat Coronaviruses are already performed by various parties.

One alternative treatment to cure a person who is infected with Coronavirus is to use blood plasma.

Technically, the method of treatment is to perform a blood plasma transfer of the patient who recovered from the Coronavirus to the patient who is still infected.

There has been some research on alternative medicine. Some mention that blood plasma is not a mass drug until buying and selling through the black market.

How facts? Here’s a summary compiled from a variety of sources:

Not a mass remedy

Blood plasma is not a cure that can be used by anyone. Technically, the blood plasma donor must match the recipient.

Countries that have trials of blood Plasma therapy

There have been several countries in the world who have tested this blood plasma. Information obtained from a variety of sources, the first country is the United States with approximately 600 patients who have received this method.

The second country is the UK that will send 100 thousand blood plasma to the UK National Health Service (NHS) every week. Then Iran has done the healing method to 300 people infected with Coronavirus.

Go on sale on the black market

However, the blood plasma that is being conducted test trials is reportedly also sold on the black market through online sites. In fact, buying and selling blood plasma on the site is already discussed in many international media.

Information reported by ABC News, one of the Australian National Univesity (ANU) Researchers in Canberra, found the sale and purchase activity in cyberspace. Even the blood plasma is utilized by criminal groups to seek profit.

How Blood Plasma Works

Patients who have been infected with Coronavirus can start forming antibodies in a matter of days after being infected. Antibodies that are believed to neutralize this virus are made specifically by the immune system to fight the new Corona virus and are considered a key component of recovery.

In a process, to produce antibodies can take about one or two weeks. But once that happens, the immune system will quickly respond to the next virus exposure.

Plasma Convalesen is referred to as a passive antibody therapy or blood plasma therapy, which includes a type of passive immunity. This type can give antibodies immediately, but the protein will only last for a short period of time, several weeks to several months.

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