How To Boost A Child’s Immune System in 8 Best Ways

By | November 12, 2019
How To Boost A Child's Immune System

How To Boost A Child’s Immune System – A child is not born with a strong immune system so there needs to be an attempt to strengthen it. While in the mother’s womb, a baby is very protected. However, when born into the world, it will be exposed to a wide variety of bacteria and viruses. This is why babies are susceptible to various diseases.

When growing up, if given the right food intake, the immune system will continue to strengthen. Strictly limiting or overly protective of children is not good because it will inhibit immune development.

However, there are also things to be guarded and maintained at the time of their growth and development. For, if not, the child’s immunity will weaken so they become vulnerable to illness.

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How To Boost A Child’s Immune System

The following are steps that parents can take in strengthening their children’s immune system.

Fulfill the nutritional needs

The first way How To Boost A Child’s Immune System is fulfill the nutritional needs.

In newborns, breast milk is the main food as an antibody that enhances the body’s immune system. This is done at least up to the first two or three months, afterwards, you could give a combination milk with formula milk.

According to research, another benefit of breast milk is to help increase brain power and prevent illness, such as diabetes, allergies, or ear infections later in the day.

As it grows older, the vegetable and fruit alloys are excellent for their health and body development. Some vegetables and fruits contain phytonutrients that can enhance their immune system because they reproduce white blood cell production and interferon to fight bacterial and viral infections.

It also protects children from chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular disease and cancer as old age. 

There are many foods for immune system booster. Serve carrots, green beans, oranges, strawberries, and broccoli on the food menu. For a snack, you can prepare yogurt, fruit salad, or nuts.

However, make sure that the food portion is according to age. Because eating too much can make the children vulnerable to excessive weight.

Encourage children to exercise regularly

Exercise is one of the most potent natural ways of enhancing the child’s body resistance. Exercise can also increase the body’s killer cells naturally, strengthening the heart muscle, as well as strengthening the body’s bones and muscles. So that the body automatically becomes stronger toward the disease.

The exercise is not necessary to be heavy. Encourage them to exercise lightly such as walking, biking or swimming. Make exercise a routine activity that must be done every day, in order to be a good habit and healthy for the child.

Diligent hand Washing

Broadly speaking, diligent hand washing does not technically have anything to do with can increase the endurance of the child’s body. However, this is a very good way to reduce stress and prevent damage to the child’s immune system.

Teach the children to wash their hands with soap, both before and after meals, after playing outside, after handling pets and after doing other activities that allow them to be exposed to bacteria.

Well, considering that every place they visit is not always a facility to wash hands, mother can get around to carrying hand sanitizer or wet tissue. The habit of washing hands can still be done even if they are outside the home.

Not only that, according to Barbara Rich, D.D., spokesman for the Academy of General Dentistry, another way to increase the child’s body power is to replace their tooth brush when they starts to get sick. Especially when flu pain, cough or related to throat disease.

A child is not able to be exposed to the same flu virus twice, but the virus can jump from toothbrush to toothbrush and infect other family members. However, if it is a bacterial infection, such as sore throat, the child can actually infect itself with the same germs so as to make them sick. This way we can simultaneously protect the child and all other family members from disease attacks.

Rest enough

The next way How To Boost A Child’s Immune System is rest enuogh.

Adequate rest is necessary to increase the child’s body power. Make sure your child breaks with enough sleep time, which is around 8-10 hours a day. Children can still do activities as usual, as long as they don’t force themselves to fatigue.

Plain Water Intake

How To Boost A Child's Immune System by plain water intake

Make sure your child gets enough fluid intake, at least 2 liters of water per day. This fluid intake can be obtained from the consumption of plain water and fruits. Keep their body hydrated and even if the weather is cool or the child doesn’t feel thirsty.

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Laugh a lot

Improving the immunity of the child with a lot of laughs? Surely you are surprised, but in a fun way will help in enhancing the endurance of the body. Research conducted that watching comedy films will help in boosting cell production, which helps in boosting immunity in the killing of cold and flu germs.

Reduce antibiotics

Reduce antibiotic administration when children are mildly sick. Generally, parents ask the doctor to include antibiotics when a mild illness such as flu, cold or sore throat does not require antibiotics. The intake of antibiotics in children will weaken the body’s immune system.

Avoiding air pollution

Air pollution can damage the hair cilia in the nose that serves as an antidote for foreign objects into the body so as to keep the child from air pollution, such as burning smoke, ciga**rette smoke and pollution due to some other chemicals.

Early immunization

The next way How To Boost A Child’s Immune System is immunization. We should not think that exclusive feeding alone is sufficient to protect children from illness. Exclusive breast milk provides antibodies to the child with a short period of time, a few weeks. After the antibodies are lost, the child will be easily re-exposed to the disease.

Therefore, child immunization is a must-do to protect the child from illness so that children can grow healthy.

Immunization starts from the baby finished breast milk until the child enters school. With immunization, the child can avoid the polio, smallpox, measles, to tetanus. Immunization is done in a variety of ways that are injected, placed into the mouth until sprayed through the nose or mouth.

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