6 Health Benefits Of Meditation: Reduce Stress And Improve Overall Well being

By | February 28, 2020
health benefits of meditation

Are you often depressed or mentally depressed? You need to reap the health benefits of meditation for both physical and spiritual.

Sometimes people think meditation is an activity that relates to supernatural things However, the assumption was very wrong.

In fact, meditation is a way for someone to train himself. This activity is able to make your soul more relaxed, not easily tense and depressed in facing the situation, and not easy to worry about.

When you are hit by anxiety, depression, or stress, meditation becomes one easy way to overcome it. Activities can be done just sit back with the purpose of processing concentration.

Then what are the benefits of meditation? Here are some Health Benefits Of Meditation you need to know:

Health Benefits Of Meditation

Reducing stress

Stress can occur at any time. When stress arises, levels of cortisol hormone in the body will increase and the body will release an inflammatory stimulating chemical called cytokine.

The body’s produced cytokines can interfere with sleep, increase blood pressure, make depression and be anxious over time. As a result, you are more susceptible to disease. Fortunately, this condition can be solved with meditation.

A study conducted by Carnegie Mellon University observed 33 men and women aged 18-30 years. They are asked to do meditation and breathing exercises within 25 minutes a day.

Three days later, the results of their saliva samples showed a decrease in cortisol levels. They also felt increased ability to solve problems when given some math problems and responded to a poem.

Boost the immune system

The next Health Benefits Of Meditation is to boost the immune system.

In addition to mental benefits, meditation also has benefits in addressing various physical life problems, such as can boost the immune system.

With this one benefit, you can avoid the flu and cough that are transmitted by others. With regular exercise and meditation, you can avoid the risk of flu and cough.

Overcoming Depression and anxiety

Depression is the effect of stress. So, as with stress, depression can also be addressed by meditation as it gives a person peace and comfort.

By doing meditation for 30 minutes a day on a regular basis, coupled with aerobic exercise, then you can reduce the symptoms of depression even up to 40%.

People who do this regularly can control themselves to not be anxious and think of something excessively resulting in stress and depression. It can not only control anxiety, even with meditation you can prevent anxiety and depression from arising.

Improves sleep quality

The next Health Benefits Of Meditation improves sleep quality.

Stress, depression, and anxiety can make you so hard to sleep. A poor mental condition coupled with less resting body increasingly worsened the situation.

Although it can be solved by sleeping medicine, the use of pills often causes side effects. For that, meditation is considered the safest way to cope with insomnia.

A study comparing two groups of participants; Follow the meditation program and not. Participants who follow meditation can sleep faster and sleep better than people who do not follow the meditation.

Researchers argue that meditation can calm a person’s mind, the body releases tension and so it relaxes so that it can sleep better.

Increase self awareness

You who have ever done meditation certainly know with the benefits of this one. Yes, increased self-awareness. This is a meditation benefit that a person does not directly get when he or she often exercise focus on breathing. Which is a series of processes in meditating.

In addition, studies on 40 women and men were found that there was a reduction in the intensity of loneliness in themselves after a meditation program compared to those who did not.

Increase focus

A study shows that workers who often do meditation are able to focus longer. In fact, they can also recall the details of their work better than those who did not practice meditation.

Thank you very much for reading Health Benefits Of Meditation, hopefully useful.

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