5 Insect Repellents: Plant, Natural Ingredient, Equipment, and Smartphone Application

By | August 15, 2020
Insect Repellent

Insects are nuisance animals that often nest inside the house.

Mosquitoes, roaches, ants are often the most common in the home.

Many insects can make the dwelling feel uncomfortable.

Insect repellents are usually used to quickly repel these insects.

Instead of eradicating insects, a lot of chemical substances can be threatening health.

To that, repel insects using natural ingredients can be an alternative.

Here are some plants, natural ingredients, equipment, and smartphone application that can be use as the insect repellent inside the house.

Various Options of Insect Repellents

Plant: Mint

Minty aromas repel various insects that go into the house. The aromatic properties found in the leaves are also present in the stems and flowers. Flies, spiders, gnats, mosquitoes, and even ants will be away from this plant. Mint is easy to grow anywhere. Most insects hate the smell and mint flavor.

With regular maintenance, mint can be a refreshing home decor. Plant in the pot and often plucks the leaves to keep the plants in good condition. The sharper the scent, the less the insect approaches.

Mint leaves can also relieve itching due to insect bites. What’s more, you can make use of mint leaves for drinks or a mixture of cuisine. So having mint plants inside the house is a complete package to combat insects.

Natural Ingredient: Betel leaf

Betel leaf is usually used to clean the female inti**mate organs.

However, the betel leaf can also be used to repel the ants that are found in the kitchen or in the dining room.

How to use a betel leaf to repel ants is very easy, namely you only need to put a few leaves of betel for overnight in a place that is often infested with ants.

The distinctive Aroma of betel leaves by itself will repel the ants.

Not only that, your space will also be fresher because of the scent of betel leaf.

Equipment: Electric racket

Among all insects, perhaps mosquitoes are one of the most alarming. Because the disease caused by mosquitoes is not playful. You can call it a Dengue fever that may result in death if it is handled too late.

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Obviously, you prefer to eradicate the presence of mosquitoes than the possible risks, right? Well, to repel mosquitoes, you can use electric racket.

How to use it easily, swing an electric racket that has been charged with the battery towards the mosquitoes that are flying around you until the mosquitoes die from the electricity. But don’t forget to keep it in a safe place from the reach of children.

Application: Insect repellant app

Say goodbye to mosquitoes. This mosquito repellent application is called insect repellant. It is estimated that there are more than 3500 types of mosquitoes that exist in this world and some types of mosquitoes are dangerous, therefore you have to prevent them before going on something bad.

You can prevent them using a mosquito repellent application from insect repellant. Insect repellant provides a way of working by giving the ultrasonic frequencies that mosquitoes do not like. Even this application also claimed that the user will be free from mosquitoes. 

Application: Mosquito Sound

Insect Repellent Application

As the name suggests, the Mosquito Sound app says in its description that it is possible that this application can make mosquitoes not at home. The reason, there are also who believe that mosquitoes do not like the sound with a certain frequency and this Mosquito Sound can make a sound at a certain frequency that can make mosquitoes run away.

However, Mosquito Sound also stated that repelling mosquitoes using sound is inaccurate and has not been scientifically proven. Nevertheless, it does not hurt if you want to try to repel mosquitoes using this application. Oh Yes, because Mosquito Sound has a variety of frequencies, this application is also useful to train your pet.

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Thank you very much for reading Insect Repellents: Plant, Natural Ingredient, Equipment, and Smartphone Application, hopefully useful.

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