How To Prevent Ticks In Yard

By | October 9, 2017
How To Prevent Ticks In Yard

Ticks in the yard and around your home can be a nuisance for you, your family, and your pets. Ticks can carry a number of dangerous diseases that are spread through the blood like Lyme disease and some diseases propagated by a tick can kill pets. The following instructions will explain How To Prevent Ticks In Yard.

Target Favorite tick habitat.

How To Prevent Ticks In Yard

How To Prevent Ticks In Yard

Tick outside the home can usually be found in grassy and shrub areas, often being under the trees and shade. Tick like the areas with high humidity. Tick can also be found in the same place as it is inhabited by deer (deer’s blood is one of tick favorite foods). So, if you are in an area with a high grass or roaming the forest, You are in the area of enemies that is tick. The first thing to do is prevent the tick in order not to nest on your home environment, by targeting the conditions favored the tick on the yard.

Prune plants in your home.

Prune plants to prevent ticks in the yard

Start by getting rid of the leaves which becomes a favorite tick place. The best way is to trim the plants in the yard regularly and get rid of all the plants that are irregular and grown too excessive. Don’t let the grass grow too much and get rid of the vine and other plants that could create bushes and grass. In addition, because the tick as a vampire who love to suck blood, they don’t like the sunlight. Use this knowledge as a guide when pruning the plant, so that more incoming sunlight into the yard.

Trim your grass more often.

Trim grass to prevent ticks in the yard

Cut the grass regularly can ward of the tick is in the high grass and facilitate incoming sunlight. Not only get rid of the tick, sunlight also vaporize the dew in the morning quickly so that it can eradicate the tick with the dew. Clean high grass around the House and yard. Use the edger to create a bare area that keeps the tick away from the nest.

Clear the yard from the bushes and the dried leaves.

Clear the yard to prevent ticks

If the tick cannot live in the grass, then they will seek out to another shade.. The bushes are damp and dark and dry leaves are a haven for the tick. Don’t let the pile plants accumulate in the yard.

Use pesticides.

Use pesticides safely and official used to prevent tick from breeding on the yard in late spring to early summer. The use of pesticides for yard in late May or early June slashed the population can tick more than 50 percent. Be sure to use only the pesticides approved for use in the area of your home and use as directed label. Pesticides that contain lambda-cyhalothrin and Esfenvalerate brand pest control.

Make a fence in the yard.

The fence in the yard will prevent larger animals such as deer or a coyote entered the backyard. Tick stood in mammals, so keeping the yard out of the way to a large animal will control the tick population on the yard. In addition, deer will eat the plants in your garden and the coyote will prey on your cat. Both animals were certainly the same troubling like a tick.

Assemble the firewood neatly in a dry place.

Just as the bushes and the dried leaves, firewood can also cause a dark and humid conditions. Keep firewood neatly fixed in a location that is dry will prevent tick nests and will make firewood remains nice and dry conditions are to be used when the next winter arrives.

Make a natural tick repellent.

You can create your own non-toxic tick repellent for the family at home. Use a spray bottle 475 ml size and spray the herb! You can make tick repellent made from oranges. Tick do not like citrus scent and this could be an effective weapon. To make it: Boil 2 cups of water and add two pieces of lemon, lime, Orange, or grapefruit, you can use one type only or a combination of different types of oranges. Let boil for about one minute, then heat the herb over low heat for one hour. Strain the herb, let it cool, put it in a spray bottle. Spray onto your yard, and at a location where there is a tick. Another natural tick repellent using essential oils of geranium, lavender, or peppermint. This herb is not safe for cats, so do not spray to the cat.

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