Is it safe to pierce baby ears? 5/5 (1)

By | July 24, 2018
Is it safe to pierce baby ears?

Piercing a baby girl’s ear is a common thing for parents in Asia. One goal is to give the identity of the woman by wearing small earrings. A different case with the United States, ear piercing procedures are often associated with cosmetic actions. This action also the pros and cons, most consider it unnecessary because it can be dangerous for the baby. Is it safe to pierce baby ears?

Experts from The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that a that ear piercing is done when the child is big enough, when they’ve been able to maintain her health. However, in general, there is no prohibition to do baby ear piercing.

There is no definite age for ear piercing. As long as it is done carefully and consciously observed, then it is not a problem, Nevertheless, there are some risks of baby ear piercing, especially in infants less than 3 months whose immune system is still weak.

Piercing a baby aged less than two months turned out to be just giving a very exposed to the infection risk to a minimum. However, it is still the process of piercing should not be done carelessly. In addition to paying attention to suggestions from parents, the doctor, or midwife, we must also make sure that piercing needles have materials that can minimize allergies or an infection like stainless steel needles are made from precious metals like gold , silver, and platinum. In addition, the type of earrings used should also be round and tend to be small and not dangling because of the risk of being easily attracted and making wounds. In addition, the process of piercing also has to be done by people who experienced in this matter.

Infection in infants is the primary concern. The risk of infection is 24 percent of all ear piercing procedures. That’s why the piercing should be done at the hospital so that hygiene is maintained. Other risks while doing ear piercing on babies are allergic reactions against metals or jewels are paired. In fact, this could lead to the formation of scar tissue or scars.

In some cases, earrings that are too restrictive, cause the skin to grow profusely on the back of the earrings, which require a surgical procedure to eliminate it. Infection and excessive growths could be prevented with proper care. But, allergies and scar tissue formation are very difficult to control. Be sure to treat it appropriately with ointments, alcohol and antibiotics.