Lightning Storm: 8 Things You Shouldn’t do, Prepare, and How To Protect Yourself + Video

By | August 17, 2020
Lightning Storm

One that was quite feared when the rain falls was a thunderstorm.

This storm usually occurs when the rain is not too heavy.

If a lightning storm is overlapping your territory, there are a few things you shouldn’t do.

These Tips will help you avoid the danger of becoming a victim of lightning strikes.

Things you shouldn’t do during a thunderstorm.


If lightning strikes your house during thunderstorms, bathing can be harmful to you.

If your house is hit by lightning, the flow can travel through the water pipes and run over you in the bathroom or even when you wash your hands.

Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage from the Mythbusters event conducted experiments that tested the consequences of bathing during thunderstorms; Where it ends with fire.

Wash the dishes

Washing dishes may only be regular and harmless daily activities.

But who would have thought, if washing the dishes during a lightning storm turns out to be life threatening.

Yes, from now on, do not start to wash dishes during lightning storms because it endangers safety.

It might be in the house when a thunderstorm is the most appropriate choice.

But there are some things you should never do while outside the rain storms and lightning.

Sounds very trivial, but should be warned not to wash the dishes during a lightning storm you must obey.

The reason, if the house or waterways in the house are not connected to the ground properly, electricity from the lightning struck can flow through the pipes and water.

Other things

  • Stand under a wooden object
  • Standing in the Open
  • Do not touch concrete structures.
  • Lying on the ground.
  • Go outside directly after a thunderstorm
  • Standing by the window.

Prepare to save yourself from a thunderstorm

Based on data from NOAA National Severe Storms Laboratory, there are about 16 million thunderstorms a year. In the United States itself, there are 100 thousand thunderstorms and cause 67 deaths per year. Usually, thunderstorms come with rain and heavy winds. 

Before thunderstorms occur, you can prepare to confront them. What do we have to prepare? Reported from various sources, here are some of them

  • Cutting trees at risk of falling before thunderstorms come.
  • When the lightning storms come, look for immediate protection.
  • Close the windows tightly.
  • You can also take shelter in the car, although it is actually less secure.
  • Do not take shelter in a small and semi-open place.
  • Never be shaded under a tree
  • Avoid electronic devices temporarily.

Well, that’s the preparation you can do to save yourself from a thunderstorm. This knowledge can save our lives and people nearby.

How to protect yourself in a thunderstorm

Follow these steps to safety yourself in case of an explosion in the sky.

Take shelter and keep yourself safe

  • Soon find a shelter.
  • Away from Windows..
  • Do not touch any objects that are metallic or electrically related.
  • Stay in the sanctuary.

Save yourself from thunderstorms when outdoors

If you really can’t reach a shelter during a lightning storm, do everything you can to minimize your risk.

  • Move on to the lower grounds. Lightning is easier to strike the objects that are in place with a higher position. Do everything you can to be in the lowest place.
  • Avoid large open fields, places that make you taller than any other objects around you, such as golf courses or football.
  • Stay away from self-standing objects such as trees or lamp poles.
  • Stay away from unprotected vehicles, such as golf cars, and unprotected buildings, such as shelter for picnics. Long-metal infrastructures, such as stadium benches.
  • Get out of the water if you’re fishing or swimming.
  • Scatter. If you are trapped in a lightning storm with a group of people, keep a distance of at least 15 to 30.5 meters between each person. This will reduce the risk of lightning moving from one person to another.
  • Remove your backpack. If you climb a mountain using a backpack with a metal frame, release it as soon as you detect the presence of lightning. Make sure you leave the bag at least 30.5 meters from the shelter.
  • Take a squatting position to avoid lightning (“Lightning Crouch”). Crouch with both feet sticking, the head is pulled into the chest or between your knees and both hands cover both ears or stick to both knees. Do not lie flat with the ground, because this position will make you a bigger target for lightning.
  • Beware of sudden lightning strikes. If the lightning will strike you or near you, the tip of your hair may stand, or you may feel a tinged sensation in the skin. The lighter metal objects can vibrate and you may be able to hear a crackling or sounding sound like “Kii Kii”. If you detect any of these signs, immediately place the squatting position for shelter.
  • Wear rubber boots.

Lightning Storm Video

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