6 Trendy Short Cut Styles for Women to Apply in 2019

By | June 14, 2019
Short Cut Styles

What are the best short cut styles for women in 2019? Women may prefer long or medium hair more to the short one. Yes, short hair indeed tends to make your appearance less feminine and elegant, things that many women want to look like the most. However, there are actually some short hair ideas that are recommended for you who want to look trendy. In 2019, some of them are even very popular and demanded. What are they?

Trendy Short Cut Styles for Women to Apply in 2019

Short Bob Hairstyle with Front Layer

This idea is not considered new since some celebrities and women may have applied it since some years ago. But it doesn’t mean that this bob hair idea is out of the date. Even you can add and fewer details to make your appearance look more stunning. One of the details you should try is regarding the application of the layer. So, the hair should be in the straight and sleek type. Then, the back part is cut in a shorter way than the front area. Add layer around your cheek and there can also be bang if you want.

Classic Bob Hairstyle with Feathery Bang

Since last year, the idea of feathery bang has gotten popular and it is still continued maybe until the next year. Feathery bang is a good idea if you just want to apply bang to cover your forehead but prefer looking mature also. Interestingly, this type if the bang is just good to be together with many hairstyle types including the short classic bob.

Messy Pixie Hairstyle

Short Cut Styles for Women

Not all women are daring enough to cut their hair as short as possible and apply the pixie hairstyle. While they are expecting to look like Winona Ryder, the fact is maybe just far from her. Actually, you only need to match the pixie hair idea with your facial shape. For the round face, a kind of pixie hair with front layer seems to be more suitable. Meanwhile, for the V-shaped and oval faces, they tend to be more flexible. Well, after finding the best pixie type for you, add some other applications including messy hair. It is very good for both formal and informal situations anyway.

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Pixie Hairstyle with Side Layer

Pixie hairstyles don’t always mean that the entire part of the hair is being completely short. Some areas can just be kept long or it is known also as the application of layer. This type of short cut styleslets you cut the hair short and then arrange it with a side partition. The side with more hair is added by the front layer. Giving another application like the messy idea is very good as well particularly if you want to attend certain event like party or prom.

Pixie Hairstyle for Curly Hair

Curly hair is also considered another problem for many women. Undeniably, compared with other types, this one is indeed more difficult to comb and arrange. So, if you decide to cut it off into the really short length, you may have solved the problem. you should not worry since there are actually many short hair ideas that are good for curly hair. One of them is pixie hair. It is even possible to add bang, layer, and other styles to beautify yourself more.

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Short Shaggy Hairstyle

To form the shaggy hairstyle, the technique used is basically just similar to the pixie application. Sure, the difference is placed on the result in which the shaggy hair is longer than the pixie. This idea is also a very good alternative for you who have been bored with both pixie and bob for shorter hair. Adding a layer and highlight is necessary for trendier short cut styles.