Why More Brides Are Choosing Eyelash Extensions For Their Wedding Day 5/5 (9)

By | January 25, 2019
eyelash extensions for bride

Women can sometimes be a bit too sensitive as well as hopelessly romantic, and this may not be the best thing in the world if you have a bunch of makeup going on. Watery eyes can ruin your masterpiece or the one that your makeup artist achieved. If you are getting married anytime soon you may want to be prepared. Avoiding liquid products and some that are not waterproof may be a good solution, for starters. But you should also take in consideration eyelash extensions. These are practical, they can last quite some time, and they look lovely.

Still not too sure? Well then, here are the top 5 reasons why brides are getting eyelash extensions for their big special day!

  1. They Look Natural

If you are worried about that glue string peeking through and showing on your pictures the horror is over. Eyelash extensions can look natural if and when done right. Choose a place that has got a lot of positive reviews and promising before and after pictures. The best timing to get them done would be 2-3 days prior to your big day. This way, you will get used to them and have enough time for some minor corrections, if needed.

eyelash extensions for bride

  1. Cry Proof

Before the ”I do” moment comes along you may tear up a little, which is completely normal. Luckily, your lash extensions won’t move at all, nor fall off. However, if you had fake mink lashes glued on they would probably fall off (especially if you didn’t use the right glue). With lash extensions, you can cry all you want, but still keep in mind that your foundation may not survive this moment. If you truly want to have a bulletproof solution use either lightweight foundations or a lot of Mac Fix + setting spray to hold your makeup in place. After you are tearless use your little lash comb and separate your lashes, that’s all it takes.

  1. They Look Amazing in The Pictures

If you are a fan of minimal makeup you will love the power of your extensions. You can have a rose gold champagne color all over your lid and a natural set of lashes and you can call it a day. Soft, airbrushed, and natural is something that you truly do get with 10 mm lashes. Of course, you can step it up and go with some extra volume, if not Russian even, and still have amazing pictures.

  1. Better Option Than a Mascara

You may not be the biggest fan of eyelash extensions which is completely normal. Some women are skeptic about their functionality and their longevity, especially if they never had them done. But the truth is that they are way better than your favorite mascara. Not too sure about it? You should get a set of lashes 4-5 weeks before your wedding just so you can see how you feel about them. If this is your first time getting extensions you should go easy and stay away from volume. In time you will see that there aren’t that many cons with your extensions. Sure, you may not use oil products or a mascara on top, but there won’t be any need for that. In fact, even without your extensions, your favorite mascara can :

  • Make your lashes clumpy
  • Separate them a little too much
  • Separate them too little
  • Have an unexpected amount of fallout
  • Smudge
  • Run black and ruin your makeup

Even if it is waterproof, you can’t really trust that claim. Mascaras can be a bit tricky when purchasing and they do have a lot of cons, as mentioned above. For your big day consider going with extensions in order to avoid this hot mess.

  1. They Will Last You For Some Time

Lastly, your lashes will last you for quite some time. They won’t need any touch-ups or even constant rechecking during your special night. In fact, you can go to your honeymoon and still have a fabulous and a long-lasting outcome. This way you are truly getting your money’s worth. You can also swim with your lashes and enjoy the sun at the beach carefree! However, after you come back you may need to redo them since their lifespan is about 30 days. At this point, you can step up your game and go in with some extra volume and longer lashes.

Bridal Craze or Not?

Brides would recommend, 9/10. If you are a sensitive soul this solution may be the right one for you. Even if you are not that clingy and you are just on a lookout for a practical solution, this is it. After reading these top 5 reasons why brides are getting lash extensions this frequently I got to ask you: Are You ready to say ”I do” to your lash extensions?