5 Beauty Secrets of Cleopatra 5/5 (3)

By | July 9, 2018
Beauty Secret of Cleopatra

Everyone knows that Cleopatra is the most gorgeous queen who impressed most of kings at that time. Her beauty has never been parted from her beauty secret she did along with her life. You might try them because all of them are traditional and back to nature, and we know that the cosmetics today full of chemists which are not good for our skin. Due to the routine, Cleopatra’s beauty secrets were often called as her beauty rituals which were never missed every single day.

1. Hair care.

Cleopatra colored her hair using henna as a natural coloring substance. She also believed that henna is also the best conditioning in her hair. Besides that, she used almond and olive oil to nourish her hair roots deeply. You can apply this habit by pampering your hair with olive oil and massage your head gently.

2. Eye care.

We see on TV that Cleopatra usually has stunning eyes, which can ‘paralyze’ every man staring at her. What’s the secret? Do not underestimate celery here, because she used a mix of hemp and celery to give a great touch to make her eyes looking healthy and bright. Hemp and celery have cooling substances and moisturize your eyes immensely. You can apply a good old cucumber instead. Slice some of it and put on your eyes or make juice of cucumber and dip cotton balls into it and apply them on your eyes.

3. Facial care.

Normally, she used honey mixed with aloe vera for her rejuvenating mask. Sometimes she also used cucumber juice mixed with clay masks, and for the cream, she used a cream made of frankincense gum and beeswax for getting rid of her wrinkle. Why it worked? Aloe vera known as an antibacterial plant and it is good for soothing, relieving tan and cooling your skin. White clay, like general clay, has tightening effect and beeswax moisturizes your skin well. Frankincense comes with anti-wrinkle substances which also help for lightening scars.
You can adopt this by mixing some fresh aloe vera with honey and apply it for 15 minutes. After that, wash your face gently. For the mask, you can use rose water and multani mitti for making a paste. Add 2-3 drops of frankincense oil. Put it on your face and wait until it is dry. Lastly, wash it off.

4. Body care.

Cleopatra used to use body scrubs from sea salt! She asked her servants to massage her body with thick cream mixed with sea salt. Sea salt is the greatest exfoliate for the skin. It mixes with the cream for more moisturizing the skin after exfoliation. Today you can find body scrubs with sea salt available in the market. Just scrub it all over your body before you take a bath.

5. Royal bath.

It is milk and honey bath which is called as a royal bath. Specifically, Cleopatra used young donkey milk with fresh honey and almond oil. Donkey and goat milk work great for our skin; that’s why, we often see goat milk soaps in the market because milk is full of lactic acid which regenerates our skin. Honey is an antiseptic which gives you a subtle glow, while almond oil is rich in vitamin A, E and antioxidants to be anti-aging substance.
For you who want to try the royal bath, just take half a cup of honey and mix it with 3 cups of any milk and one or two teaspoons of any oil (almond oil is better). Pour all of them in your bathtub and you may add some rose petals to have a more comfortable bath. Enjoy!

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