The dangers of sushi

By | June 11, 2018
The dangers of sushi

The dangers of sushi – Sushi claimed as healthy food because it contains many fish which naturally brings health benefits. However, that does not mean all the sushi healthy. Nutritionist Jessica Perez, R.D. mentions that some of the sushi dishes patterns could bring bad impacts on health. For example, fried sushi. Even some of them have the same nutritional content as french fries. Although, it does not become a problem if consumed less.

So does sushi healthy?

Perez says, Yes, but it depends what we ordered. She exemplifies the consumption of fatty fish at a salmon. Fatty fish contains omega-3 fatty acids can strengthen memory. So, those types are very good and recommended. However, we must be wary of the intake of fatty fish such as tuna and mackerel. Both are risky high contain mercury, which could have an impact on pregnancy and toxic if consumed at high levels. Perez recommended a portion of tuna rolls and the rest, the choose variant of the protein-rich menu. Such as shrimp, eel or mussels.

For pregnant women, the Food and Drug Administration recommend consumption of two to three fish with low mercury content. The other thing is, one serving sushi roll consists of approximately one cup of rice. That amount is considered quite a lot. Rice does not have high fiber content so that it can raise blood sugar levels.
So, avoid the consumption amount of rice more than one and a half cups of rice (2/3 cup). Consume red rice that is rich in fiber or replace it with cauliflower rice or quinoa when making sushi at home.
Meanwhile, if you consume the immunosuppressant (in chemotherapy, have an autoimmune disease, or are pregnant), make sure not to consume raw fish. The reason, raw food carries a higher risk of bacterial infection.

Healthy eating sushi options.

Perez says, the less the content of ‘ cream ‘ and the less the fried sushi it will be better. Replace mayonnaise in sushi with Ginger is preserved for the same sensation. In addition to low fat, ginger also has many health benefits. The other option, is to avoid deep fried sushi, containing fried shrimp, tempura, contains a lot of mayonnaise and cream cheese.
Better consume a salmon roll, sushi roll with vegetables, or California roll. It would be more than enough.

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